Eating for late training sessions...



  • Thanks Moosey, I have some Rego left but to be honest I really don't like it. Plus it'll get expensive... :-((

    Dunno about struggle not to lose weight, I just tend to stay the same, but I am meant to be putting on weight (fat!) for the swim and will certainly need to eat loads to do that.

    All great suggestions guys, thanks tons!
  • Late night Addition:
    For what it's worth. At the end of the evening swim training sessions at Moss Side they hand out bananas to everyone. It gives you a quick fix good enough until you get home to eat.

    On any normal training night I'll come home cook a pasta dish and then take a FEW SMALL mouthfulls before training.

    Afterwards I just reheat and eat!
    (Sorry...I guess that doesn't help if you're training and then going home).
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