The Double - I'm out

Today is the 17th day of my sickness. I went down with flu on the 1st and I am still not fully recovered and still not able to train. The Dr has said that I have had a severe virus and that it will take time to recover.

I have also had two weeks off work which means I will have to catch up client appointments in February and so will be working long days to catch up.

I now believe I do not have enough time to train properly for the double. I just feel that I will be putting too much pressure on myself to try and fit in the training in such a reduced time.

I am gutted imageimageimage. However, there will be plenty more opportunities.imageimageimage

So my question to you fellow pirates is.. What should I do this year ?

I'd love to do IM Lanzorote or Outlaw, but they are both full. IMWales just scares me.

I definitly want to do an IM but no idea which one. Quite fancy an Ultra too, does anyone have any to recommend?







  • How about IM Switzerland, the IM site still says there are places or just face your fear and do Wales!
  • That's bad news Purple!! image

    You could also join the official Pirate Champs at Henley......

  • Purple gutted for you, thought you would be able to come back stronger this year. Just get yourself right to start with. Do you need to go long this year or can it wait until next year??

    Whatever hope it all pans out image

  • outlaw has just realised all their places to the waiting them.,and then you could do the enduroman half with me..................


    sorry to hear about the double.......but if you need a few more weeks rest then nothing much you can doimage

  • How about The Anglian?

    It's a new Iron distance triathlon in Cromer, Norfolk. Quite a small one with entries being capped at 200.

  • just contacted Outlaw, I would love to do that one again image

  • chilli- I need to have a target otherwise I lose enthusiasm for training. I think an IM is doable.


  • Hope you get in Purple...

    There is a big difference between the single and double.......with the single you can afford to do some shorter easier training for the next month................for the double you would need to be putting in some long rides............

  • Why not drop down to the single at Enduroman Purple?

    You've already paid, I'm sure they'll transfer you into that, doubt you'll get any money back from them though

  • I think you'll get a place at Outlaw but if you want some more time Challenge have just taken over the long distance at Almere and that's not until the middle of September so no pressure to rush back into training.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Gaz - I'm thinking about the single at enduroman, but some of the others appeal more.

    Wanders off to look up Almere.....

  • Do IMWales if you are up for an IM as it is oarsum! And if it scares you all the better then its a real challenge


    IMHO it sounds like your body is pleading for a rest!

    Do some halfs ans short speedy stuff etc this year work on your weaknesses and come back refreshed and ready tonail anything in 2014

    If you are really daft come and do the Wall run in June
  • If you are going to do one, it needs to be late in the year in order to give the maximum amount of time to bothe recover and train.

  • I have to agree with Ridgebackmax, your body is telling to rest.

    Come and do the DIY Half Ironman and then the double next year


  • I agree that rest might be the answer in this case but if you really want to have a go at Lanza it might be worth contacting them regards a wait list as I am sure they used to do one

    Get well soon x

  • both my son and I have gone down with this virus so I don't think its training related, however I do think that you are all right to point out that I will need to rest. I think my body will take a while to recover from this.

    SA -  I will definitly be up for the DIY half ironman image.

    So now I'm thinking a September IM.....


  • September would give you a whole spring and summer to rest & recover and train in the sun   image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    September would give you a whole spring and summer to rest & recover and train in the sun   image

    yep image and it would give me a good base going into winter

  • My base is already quite large thanks to winter   image

  • thats a shame purple, but needs must. if you fancied doing a half in september - remember the vitruvian normally has places later on on the year.

    So what others are doing the single or half enduro ? hope im not the only pirate in the villageimage 


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Sorry you've been poorly and had to change your plans. 

    It must be fate intervening, though, because IM Wales would be perfect for you! The sea swim is a little bit scary, and the bike course is tough, but it's such a great event image!


  • Sorry to hear your news Purple. I was looking forward to supporting you accross the finish line. 

    Doner - I'll still be there for the half and the whole weekend for supporting duties. 

  • I'm doing IMW Purple.....and Dioner.I will still be at enduroman for the half

  • Sorry to hear that Purple. Don't rush back, as others have said it's sounding like your body is asking for a rest.

    Hope you find a race to focus on soon. 

    Get well soon xx 

  • Thanks all.

    Maybe IMwales is the challenge I need........

    I shall take a few days to ponder

  • Come to Henley!! image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    My base is already quite large thanks to winter   image

    No dear, it's large because of cake! image

  • I love being brave!! image

  • Gladys M.ince pies wrote (see)
    M...eldy wrote (see)

    My base is already quite large thanks to winter   image

    No dear, it's large because of cake! image

    Gladys M.ince pies wrote (see)

    I love being brave!! image

    I like you being dead   image

  • you are a brave man Gladys....

    for some reason Henley doesn't appeal,  I guess it's because everyone raves about INWales and you don' t tend to hear the same about Henley.

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