Twisted ankle reoccurring


I am new to running, have been mostly running on trails behind my house. Before Christmas I had been running for a few weeks with no problems but twisted my ankle fairly badly. There was no good reason why it happened i was just running along on fairly flat ground. Got an x-ray and was told no bones broken, rest it for 4 weeks. I rested it for 5 weeks and it felt perfectly normal again so went out running last night and exactly the same thing happened. Running on a fairly flat trail and went over on the same ankle in the same way. The damage wasn't as bad as before but it seemed to be the same part of my foot that was damaged.

Obviously my ankle was weaker than i thought but my question is how do i know when i can start running again and is there anything i can do to try and stop it happening again?


  • once you badly damage the ankle ligaments they can take an awfully long time to get back to normal - if they ever do.  my missus badly twisted hers many years ago and can still get some pain if she steps on something awkwardly.

    that's the bad news.

    but - patience, perseverance and bloody mindedness will get you back! she's running OK these days (maratho training at the mo) and her ankle has strengthened over time.

    you may have to accept a longer rest period but there are exercises you can do to help strengthen the ankle - a wobble board is a good way for example.  perhaps look at an ankle support, or tape up before running?  it's not offering a cure, but may help stabilise the ankle a bit to allow you to run and get your confidence back.

    just take your time

  • I badly twisted my ankle (nearly completely tore a ligament, it was hanging on by a thread!) and decided to go for private physio as the NHS waiting list was several months.  I was given various exercises which included some balancing exercises.  Apparently when you do this sort of injury it affects your balance and then you are more likely to do it again.  I had to balance on on one foot (both the afflicted ankle and the good one) initially focussing on a point then building up to one eye closed then both eyes closed and also trying to increase the period of time.  I did all the exercises religiously and (touch wood) I have not had any issues with the ankle in about 8 years now.

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