New Year and New to Tri's

Hi All,

I'm a 27 year old, 86kgs 180cm former solider and rugby player looking to get involved in triathlons. I can run 10k in 42 mins and have even run a marathon in 3:53. I'm looking to to do a couple of triathlons this year mostly sprint and even an olympic distance (marlow).

I need some advice on getting a bike, I dont wish to spunk loads of wedge on it I was thinking no more than £400. At present I seem to have my heart set on a Specialize???d Allez 56cm. Not to fussed on what year as long as it's in good nick. Also what is the difference between a double and a triple? Yep that last question surely settles any doubts that I am a true novice!

Any help would be most welcome!




  • Cant really help on the bike itself, but make sure its a decent fit. You'll go faster on a crap bike that fits you over a good bike that doesn't. 56cm sounds big for a 5ft 9 rider, but check their suggestions online, there must be a sizing guide. Take it to an LBS or mate who knows that he's doing to tweak it to fit.

    Regarding the double or triple, that the number of cogs on the front gears (by the pedals). In a nutshell with the triple you get more gear options, especially low (easy) gears. Typically it means that you have even more bail out gears for really steep hills. Mountain bikes typically have triples, road bikes typically dont but if you were VERY weak or riding something seriously steep, you shouldnt need a triple. 

    In addition to a traditional double, you can get a Compact set up, which is still 2 cogs at the front like a double, but in different sizes to allow you a wider spread of gears. They are pretty popular now on bikes, though the oldies and traditionalists will probably bemoan them!

    If you fancy a techy read, try Click here!.

    actually CLICK HERE might be a better read! And probably explains better what I was dribbling on about above! 

    Hope that's a start.

  • thanks Gladys M image

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