how to train with a partner that doesn't understand why



  • and really like the biking when you are running idea - getting them involved in your training will be great for you as well! have a little fanbase alongside. image 


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    Perfectly valid post NN. Second thoughts about it maybe?

    Something like that..

  • A good book which covers this area in some depth (the area being family resentments against the running) is the Zen of Running.

    I live with a runner though, so it doesn't apply to me, but when I wasn't a 'runner', yes of course I could get resentful about the time she spent running.  What I didn't realise was that although running isn't like work - it's not something that needs to be done to maintain the roof over our heads - but neither is sleep, but it's hugely important we sleep.  Running for many is just like sleep.  It mightn't earn us money, but it's just as vital.

    Can you get up early and run so it doesn't infring on family life?

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    My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy but then he knows how happy I am and dedicated to it and he doesn't mind so much.

    I try to run early mornings it at the weekend - he does get a bit annoyed if I'm out for half the day but that's where it ends. He's a very chilled out guy when it comes to me being away but sees it as my 'me' time.

    Talking about it is key. Work out why they're upset and understand it and come to a common agreement. If its because they don't they get their own alone time - sort it out. Give them that Saturday afternoon at the shops or Sunday morning and work around it.
  • I am pretty new to running, but once I'd started to get into it I talked my husband into starting couch to 5k along with me. Sunday mornings one find us drives the car about 5k away and runs home along the I've path. The other one then runs out and picks the car up.

    I'm trying to do 3 runs a week - which is hard to fit around the kids (age 8 and 5) and jobs, but the second run I'm doing when they're at school (and I'm off) on a friday morning and the third I'm going to start taking our 8 year old to his karate lesson and run whilst he's there. It's essentially 'dead time' anyway. So the Sunday morning run is the only one that cuts into 'family' time.
  • Shona what a great idea with the car !

    My last two partners have also been runners, which you would think was perfect, but both always seem to be getting injured (nothing to do with me honest) whereas I luckily stay injury free...problem I found was the jealousy towards me on these occasions !! I consider myself very easy going and have never minded what a partner does as a hobby...I just dont seem to have been able to find someone who is as accepting of mine,

  • It works really well night nurse - mainly because it forces both of us to actually get out there and run! We're currently working on extending it (very gradually!) up to 10k.
  • I used to resent the time my OH was out running as I saw it as a waste of time that we could be spending together - he sees his daughter on Sunday's so always did his long run on a Saturday which I considered to be 'my day'.  Anyway, I began running myself and now I'm not bothered - I do my long run on whichever day suits me and he's fine with it - I also now appreciate the time it takes to cover the mileage (I'm a slow runner!!) and the time I get to myself doing something for me when I can just think about any old thing that comes into my head. 

    When he's in 'proper' training and out doing uber distances, I just make the most of the time by seeing friends, baking, taking the dog out, doing my own long run or just chilling at home.  Ultimately he's going to do it anyway, regardless of whether I like it or not, so rather than fight about it I just accepted it and turned it to my advantage. 

    Fortunately for me, we don't have kids, so that makes it a bit easier for us. But even if we did I would never tell him he couldn't go out running - I would just expect a little common sense to be applied in that he fit it around family life.

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