Marathon of the North

Surprised I couldn't see a discussion for this. Anyone signed up yet?

I am looking forward to what will be a near home marathon for me (based in Middlesbrough).

With any luck, this could turn into as big as an event as the GNR over the next few years.


  • Not quite up to the challenge of the full marathon but I have entered the half which is on the same day! image with the GNR to follow in September! !!!!!
  • Ive entered it. Bit of a home coming for - born in Sunderland. Looking to push through tge 3:15 mark this time. Got the Edinburgh marathon tge following month.
  • There is a thread going, started by me, but it is in the Spring marathon forum. It will be great to have some others join image hope to see you there.
  • I did this last week and it's well organised, a really diverse route taking in shops, parks, quayside, coast, residential and industrial sites. It starts and finishes at the Stadium of Light with an opportunity to go inside to collect your medal. One or two marshaling hicups that I reported, but I would tip this one for anyone wanting to do do a first marathon. It's not a pb course as there's a good chance that you will have to run into wind somewhere, simply because the course goes out in 3 different directions from a central point. There's some significant hills. Significant in that they are around 19 miles and led into a stronghead wind on the coast. It was very windy last week but I will settle for my 3:11 time. Loads of loos, water, etc. They also run a half and a 10k the same day, and kids races the day before. Sunderland has turned into a lovely city and is a good place to head for a weekend.

  • Brian, you could run Saltburn in August, sorry Saltburn-bye-the-Sea in the North Riding of Yorkshire

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