I did something to my achilles a few weeks ago. Ran as normal over Xmas having built up to 5/5/10 beforehand I had a few days off then did 7 miles and 10 miles, then 6 a few days later so nothing major.

During these my achilles started to twinge but was very minor and stopped when I did, until the last few miles of the 6 miler (Jan 1st) and it was a significant ache if not painful. Then, later that day and the next day it became a problem and despite stopping even a week later just completely went while walking back the office. Few hours later I was able to get home no problem though.

All the posts I can find indicate giving it a few days, but having been plagued by other injuries that have lagged on is there any way to tell when it's sorted (pain free for a week now) other than short slow runs cutting it off as soon as I feel pain? Or am I okay to run through mild pain?!


  • hmm Achilles, I've been hit with the same thing in the last month. One day it just started to twinge running up a very large hill in the peak district(1200ft of climbing in 3 1/2 miles) . I kept going to the top and just ran through it, bad idea. really struggled to get down, I was hopping and landing on the one good leg etc.  and then walked 4 miles back to where i was staying. a week off over xmas did the trick and I started running again as normal. only for the same twinging to happen during a XC race two weeks and about 90miles of training later. cue another full week of rest. today I tried running again and the pain has gone. I will keep just running easy for as long as possible just to be sure.

    My symptoms sound identical to yours, significant aching, twinges, next day hobbling  etc. Id be very dubious about running through mild pain in the Achilles area. Mild pain anywhere else I say go for it, but the Achilles, not a fun injury and can drag on and on if not fully  healed. If you've been pain free for a week get out there and do a test run, just easy running and if you get twinges STOP.  Do not run up hills for a while if you can help it.

    Been researching ways of stopping the injury from reoccuring, and advice appears to be keep the calf muscles stretched and do calf raises to strengthen them, I shall be doing this and hopefully it'll help, might even get a wobble board to keep the ankles as strong as possible. good luck and let us know how you get on.   

  • Well it's been almost three weeks now. I walked through about 6" of snow in walking boots for half a mile to get some much needed supplies (like vegetables) yesterday and I'm sure there was a mild ache at the end which isn't great news image

    I guess, once this snow goes I'll go for an easy jog just aropund the block (about a mile total) and see what happens, stopping if it starts. Arghgh.

    I normally do calf raises but of late have been skipping this from my normal set of exercises. I may have to start again if/when this gets sorted.

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