New trail shoes?

I have only been trail running (or running at all, for that matter) for around 3 months. I originally bought some Asics Gel Fuji Trainer shoes which fit great, feel great and have performed excellently, for the most part. However, I have found their weakness and it is sloppy mud. The last few runs have seen me slipping and sliding around, struggling to gain traction.

I appreciate tht there are specific mud shoes available, but pretty much any run I do of a decent length has to involve short road sections (generally around 8-11km at the moment). Therefore, is there a shoe you could recommend that would be comparable to the Asics, but with better performance in the mud?

As there are my first ever trail running shoes, I am aware I may be expecting too much from a trail shoe, so please feel free to tell me to MTFU.


  • Salamon do a shoe called crossmax, I found these were good in mud and on road. Dependant on how you run they do them for over pronation and these are called guidance crossmax or if you are neutral they are called crossmax neutral I think. I had a pair for a year until I moved onto the speedcross for off road as I now do move fell races and cross countries.
  • some of the inov8's are good all rounders, I have a pair of trailroc 245's and they are pretty good on all surfaces. however they are quite a low drop shoe (about 3mm) so if you want a higher one, the roclite might be better.

  • I train in the Inov9 Terrafly 313 GTX, These are actually for both on and off road, Really comfy, Great grip in muddy conditions and also great on the tarmac/concrete


    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for the info guys. I looked at your suggestions and decided to give some Inov-8 Roclite 295s a go. They seem to be a good compromise. I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thank again.

  • Good call, those 295s have the softer rubber compound which`ll help a little on harder surfaces...  tried a pair myself but found them far too wide.. image

  • I have short but wide feet, so sounds perfect image

  • I have the 295s - they are a good allrounder and great when you don't need a full on mudclaw or the like. Good in the mud but with enough cushioning and the softer rubber for the short sections of road. They are also a great trail shoe for drier conditions. Only problem you may find is that the softer rubber will wear down pretty quickly if you do a lot of road in them. Otherwise hard to fault and I find them a much better fit than the rest of the roclite range.

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