Told to stop running because of Varicose Veins

I nearly cried in the docs office today, he said I need the 'closure' vein treatment for my varicose veins and that I shouldn't be running. And that I won't be able to run for a year from the treatment. 

Has anyone else been told this? I thought running is good for veins. I run with a compression stocking but he says up to the knee isn't enough, does anyone else run in a full leg stocking? How is that?

I'm training for a half in May and am doing great. So gutted.


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Hi Justine,

    I had varicose veins done in 2011 and am running. Initially I had one leg done using laser treatment to seal the vein (not sure if this is the same as the closure you mentioned) - essentially it is heated to extremes and sticks to itself. Following that I had to wear a full stocking for a few weeks which I hated and didn't exercise. I was then able to restart running.

    A few months later the other leg was done which involved small cuts and picking out the vein as it was twisted but not to the extent of needing groin cuts. I asked the surgeon about running as he finished the op and he said I could run the next day if I was pain free (I wasn't!) so again took a couple of weeks out.

    At no point was I advised to give up running. I did ask if perhaps running had contributed to my 'genetic curse', but the consultant reckoned that if anything it should help as it keeps circulation healthy and maintains a good body weight.

    Perhaps you'll get further info to the contrary as things progress. There are some more discussions on here that may help if you search for varicose veins.
  • Thanks Clag - I'm getting that laser treatment one. I'll keep on researching and, hopefully, running.

  • I had laser treatment on both thighs and a phlebectomy on both legs from the knee to ankle at the end of November. I was advised to avoid any excercise for 2 weeks only but this was about right as I was quite sore and bruised. Ive been back running and dancing most days since then and its all been fine.

    Good luck with your research and the procedure!

  • Thanks Lisa. I've since found out that this doctor is rather conservative in his approach and I've spoken with a doctor friend who runs and he reckons I should be fine running with a long light weight stocking until the procedure itself - hopefully it will just be a couple of resting months and I can get going again. I'm determined to do that half first though!

  • My legs are like a relief map of the Himalayas and I run in compression socks and football shorts just to hide them. I asked for treatment on the NHS and was practically laughed out of the docs surgery. I'm still running and saving up for private even though the veins don't cause me discomfort just self consciousness, and I'm sure they would have caused me much more problems if I hadn't been running all these years.

  • @ Gene: I know, they are horrible, aren't they? I've ordered some Zoot compression running tights, they are apparently the best ones (something about they are in possession of the only loom in the US that can produce fabric that really compresses), Skins compression tights look good too. 

  • The last time I ran in tights was dressed as a French maid in the great manchester run!

  • I've just had VNUS closure and multiple avulsions on my left leg . Back running after a week , Read this article . 

    Admittedly i am no expert on this subject ,before surgery i had horrendous veins on my calf and ran 4/5 times a week . They would of been a lot worse if i hadn't been running . Sports massage helps keeps the toxic waste out of your muscles as your veins will struggle to get rid if they are damaged . Got my treatment on the NHS after the NICE guidelines changed last year regarding Varicose Vein Surgery and getting treatment on the NHS.

  • Hi everyone. I found this thread after looking for some info on what to wear to help with mine.

    @darren. Do you know what changed in the guidelines? I was told I couldn't have treatment a while back. Mine are painful and I keep active to avoid them any worsening. Thanks for the recommendation

    @Tortoise3. I need something to help with support during and after I think. This was really helpful.

  • SportyArtist, the July 2013 NICE guidelines are at

    Essentially the guidelines to GPs for NHS referrals are:

    Refer people with bleeding varicose veins to a vascular service immediately.

    Refer people to a vascular service if they have any of the following.

    • Symptomatic primary or symptomatic recurrent varicose veins.

    • Lower???limb skin changes, such as pigmentation or eczema, thought to be caused by chronic venous insufficiency.

    • Superficial vein thrombosis (characterised by the appearance of hard, painful veins) and suspected venous incompetence.

    • A venous leg ulcer (a break in the skin below the knee that has not healed within 2 weeks).

    • A healed venous leg ulcer.

  • Apologies if this is unsuitable.  

    We're making a new TV health series and we're looking to speak to people that are suffering from Varicose Veins, as well as a range of other health conditions that affect the way you both look and feel. 

    Whether you've had treatment in the past, or your currently suffering with the condition we'd like to hear from you.  

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  • Well i am using Dermalmd Varicose Vein Treatment serum about 3 weeks ago. On some of my smaller veins I saw some minimizing. On the larger clusters of visible veins I definitely saw a difference. The clusters are not visible. I am going to order this again.

  • No topical cream is going to help with varicose veins. This is just SPAM. Please keep your cash in your pocket & see your GP.

  • Excess pressure on varicose vein is actually not good but it doesn’t mean that you totally stop doing any muscular activity. Only the thing you must do is doing all muscular activity but with less effort and pressure. So, that the vein doesn’t have to face any pain. Wants to know what exercise are good for better blood circulation and that you needs to do if you are suffering from varicose vein.
  • Not really, you can still treat your varicose veins. Try to sleep on your left side, or put some pillows underneath your lower limbs when sleeping to promote drainage. I've been using doxyva as well which helps with my microcirculation- deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator, and of course, speed up recovery whenever I run/bike.
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