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Hi everyone,

am looking for some advice. I have been running for 2.5 years now, completed London in 2011 (approx 5hrs as didnt train properly), approx 10 half marathons and am running LDN again this year.


My issue is training. I have read dozens of articles and training p;ans but dont seem to be able to settle in to one regime. the only constant I always keep to is my heavenly long run on a Sunday. The fartlek/easy run/tempo run program just doesnt seem to work for me. Does anyone have any good but far simpler ideas to build my fitness as i feel i havent got any fitter for a very long time and I want to run faster and further? looking for a program that involves maybe 3 runs per week (on top of my long run). 10k pace is approx 12k/hr if that helps.

My other issue is energy. Due to the nature of my job, I have to train v early in the morning (6.45). i want to run for an hour but, despite trying to hydrate properly and eat a banana, I am never anything like the same runner frst thing in the morning as I am during the day.. Does anyone have any tips?


Thanks in advance for any help



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    The SHADES marathon plan sounds like it may suit you, as its designed around three runs a week.  See link below:

    I'm also an early morning runner, and the routine that works for me is to get up at least half-hour earlier to have a coffee and let myself wake up before hitting the road.  This means the alarm goes off at 5am (and sometimes even earlier image). I dont eat anything before these runs, but I'm quite happy to run up to 15 miles or 2 hours without food/drink.  I do find it easier when I run later in the day (e.g. during holidays) but I kinda like this, as if I can hit my training targets early in the morning it should mean I'm in better condition on race days. 

  • Why doesnt the  fartlek/easy run/tempo run program suit you ? 

    Whats your half pb ?

    TBH - if you cant train properly you cant expect to do yourself justice at a marathon. 

    Why not stick to half and traiun properly ?

  • Peter I'm doing a Hal higdon plan and find it really good. Plus there's plenty to choose from to suit!

    It does have me running 5 times a week but for my first marathon it's not exactly strenuous. Plus it has brilliant Sunday runs image

    It sounds like you don't want to train and just run a marathon with a good time?
  • Likewise I'm not running to a plan, but each week I am making sure I get something fast, something slow, something long, something short ..... So currently one Long Run, One Tempo, and a medium long run is the core of my running. I will supplement with cross training, a bit of easy running, and the occassional hill session.

    I'm not on a regime - I want to do the training. I think that's key given that you will spend hours training for a few hours of racing in London. I've bought into my approach. You need to buy into a plan, or come up with your own and then get on with it.

    Running at 6:45am would not be considered early by a great many on this site. Have a good meal the evening before. Out at 5:30am today after a cup of tea, 21miles in the bag, and back for work - because I want to get this weeks LR in before weather strikes.

    What concerns me a bit is that you said you didn't train properly for London last time, and now you are running VLM and have not decided what plan/training you are doing. SHADES and Hal Higdon have been suggested - I would follow up on those. Time is tickingimage

  • My recommendation go to sign up and do their plans.  Not quite the high tech level of some. But dead easy to follow and they work. It's free, try it image


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