Lincoln 10k


Just wondering if anyone has signed up to the Lincoln 10k this year? if so whats the route like?

Its my first run in 2 years due to injury, so im trying to beat my old time of 49 minutes.



  • Route is flat, road run. Slightly dull but if you can get away without too much hold up amongst the thousands of starters it's a very very good PB course. Usually a nice finish inside Lincoln Castle and although it has had a reputation for major f-ups in the past, I think it seems to have got it's act in order these days.

    2 years of no running isn't normally the formula for a PB
  • I have run the Lincoln 10, 4 times It is well supported and friendly. The course is flat and has a loop. It has a great finish through the castle arches presenting a great photo opportunity but beware the last 300 or so metres are over cobbles. I would recommend it but i run for enjoyment and not to be competitive. Give it a try, it is well priced so you have nothing to lose. See you there,
  • Hi all.  I haven't received my race number for Lincoln on Sunday.  Anyone know what I should do?



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