Garmin 110 Elevation gain Question

Morning All.

I have been using my new Garmin for a month now and have a question on the elevation gain.

I do the same run to work 4x a week, I would ahve thought the elevation gain figure would be very similar. However the range appears to anything from 169 to 1141

Given that I run the same route has anyone any idea how the gains are so varied?





  • It's the least accurate part of GPS tracking. It works by triangulation, with satellites essentially looking from above, so hoizontal movement is more noticeable than vertical. Also will depend on exactly where you are each time a reading is taken (it plots a series of points rather than a continuous stream).

    Best thing is to import to a website (e.g. Garmin Connect, or my preference, and save it as a course/route. There will usually be some form of elevation smoothing calculation going on, and because you have saved that route, it will show up as the same every time you have used it.

    My experience has been that "elevation gain" can be wildly out as lots of very small variations add up to a big total, however the current elevation reading tends to be reasonably accurate - can be quite a useful extra piece of information when navigating in hilly terrain.

  • Cheers for that exiled. Makes sense.

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