Back/rib pain

Hi All

Just wanted to double check about a pain I have experienced a couple of times whilst out running. 

Basically, back at the beginning of January I started to train to run a 5k after no previous experience. I am starting to get quite good completing a 5k circuit in around 35 minutes of walking/running.

However, a couple of times now I have experienced a pain/muscle pull in my back around the lower rib area - the pain seems to be associated to my breathing, though movement makes it hurt too.

Is this normal? Any idea how to prevent it?

Thanks all



  •'s most liley to be referred pain from your neck NOT muscle or rib.

    The cause? Hunced running posture, hours at a desk and poking your chin out to see where you're going.

    Run taller, not stiffer. Relax your shoulder blades and look forwards not down - chest up.

  • Thanks so much - that sounds about right. Also, found some great stretches to do in the latest issue of Men's Running to combat the 'desk' posture. 

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