Changes to Barefoot and Minimalist footwear study for UCL

Hi There,

Our study in to barefoot and minimalist footwear running injuries focused purely on people training for the London Marathon, however in order to increase participant numbers for the study we have also included all marathons taking place between April 21st and July 1st. So if you are training for any marathons between those dates either barefoot foot and/or in minimalist footwear and would like to take part in our study, please email or  for further information.


Ian Masri

University College London

MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health


  • interesting. What is your control group - traditional shoes?

  • Dear Goji,

    Yes that is correct,
  • did this on 25/12...............

    have you changed your remit since

  • Hi Seren,

     Yes, we are not just looking at the London Marathon now, we are looking at all marathons between April 21st and 1st of July

  • Wouldn't it have been better to look at all April and may marathons as that is when most of them are, you are missing Brighton, Paris, Blackpool, lochaber, black dog, Connemara, Milan, Vienna to name a few!!!
  • Problem is initial study was just looking at the London Marathon and the training three months prior to this, which meant the study started mid January, so Marathons at the beginning of April could not be included when the changes to include other marathons was done. So we will get to include all May marathons, just not all April. Plus a study by Macintyre (1991) found most running injuries occured between the months of January to June (looking at over 4000 runners).

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