Advice For a complete novice!

Hi, I've never ran before, never really done much sport and in a moment of insanity i have signed up for a half marathon in a few months!
I'm not overweight, using this purely for fitness (and to entertain my friends and family apparently!)
Ordered some sports underwear, got some running shoes, now to hit the road.
Pretty concerened about injuries - to not be able to do it over injury would crush me, what should i be looking for? I'm expecting to ache as my body isnt used to it but is there anywhere i shouldn't ache? What can i do to help prevent injuries?
Are there any major training Do's and Dont's?
I plan to take rest days and mix up with swimming or something of the sort as well.


  • 1: Run slowly. 

    2: Don't go to far, just follow a couch to 5 or 10k program to begin with and go from there

    3: if possible try to run on softer ground as much as you can. 


    5: Most problems seem to be people going to far, to often or to quickly.  SLOW, no more then 3 maybe 4 times a week to begin with, and go SLOWLY image

  • Just be sensible. Booktrunk seems to have got it covered. 

  • 1 to 5 very good image

    6: Eat right and make sure you don't just eat cr*p I balanced diet will help you recover from training.

    7: Always warm up and cool down before and after runs.

    8: Do some core work with your training free weight's are good or swimming. Best thing is yoga if you can.

    9:Listen to your body if you have a niggle rest it so it doesn't turn into a injury. If you miss one day running you can do it anouther day and it won't be the end of the world.

    10:Run slowly

  • Thank you guys! imageso best advice seems..

    • Warm up,
    • Run slow, not too far, not too often,
    • Prefereably on softer ground
    • Cool down,
    • Rest,
    • Work out something else (good to know you have put free weights on the list, seems a shame to waste my gym membership!)
    • Eat properly (damn it! my metabolism has been dealing with that for the last 20 odd years!)

    • Be sensible, if something hurts rest it.

    • RUN SLOW!
  • For training and also core work there are a million and 1 different idea's out there about whats the best way do something that sort's you and don't be afraid to mix and match.

    Biggest thing is don't let yourself think can I do this just enjoy the experiance and you will do it. Which half are you doing anyway?

  • Doing the Edinburgh half at the end of May, so should have plenty of time to get myself ready!
    Hit the treadmill in the gym the otherday to see what state i was in.. can last 30mins light jog if i throw a few rest walks in every few mins. Running on the road seems different story though!

  • Mr BL Novice that's a nice tidy list. Now go out there and have fun.... oh, and don't fall over in the snow and break anything!!

  • Cake wrote (see)

    Biggest thing is don't let yourself think can I do this just enjoy the experiance and you will do it. Which half are you doing anyway?

    Just in case that should have read

    Don't let yourself think I can't do this, enjoy the experiance and you will do it.

    Chuffing dyslexic's can't trust un. image

    Never done Edinburgh but it's a lovely city enjoy.

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