The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread

I am starting a new thread, but still bringing across the list from last year.

Basic Info

We can order any of the kit items listed here

Louis Garneau need a minimum order of 12 units per item of kit.  We require a minimum order of 16 units to allow for any changes in demand

If an item is ordered that has never been ordered before there will be set up costs involved surrounding art work etc.  These costs will need to be absorbed by those ordering the relevant item

Louis Garneau kit comes up on the small side.  Please refer here for guidance, although it is strongly recommended that you find someone a similar size to you who has previously ordered LG kit

Order Process

An order will be submitted once a year, probably at the end of the season, subject to meeting minimum order levels.

As soon as you put your name on the list for an item of kit, you will be sent a PM asking for contact details.  It's important you respond to this as email will be the only method of contacting you once processing the kit order gets underway.  

When there are sufficient numbers for an order to go ahead, you will be asked for sizes, postal address, and given payment details. You will be informed throughout the process of timescales and will normally be given 4 weeks notice.  Extensions will not be granted as other people on the kit order will suffer from your lack of action.

When all monies are received the order will be sent to Louis Garneau.

Payment via Paypal will not be allowed unless certain circumstances apply.  If paying by Paypal is allowed, the payer must meet the costs of the payment

Approximately 6-8 weeks later the kit arrives at Kit Towers where it is batched and despatched

The kit will be sent out 2nd class, non-recorded. If you want the kit to be sent out via recorded delivery or 1st class the costs of this must be met by yourself

Doing the kit order is a time consuming process.  If you have put your name on the list it is your responsibility to keep up to date with what's happening.  Suffice to say, I will not chase anyone through any forms of social media.  If you miss an email or don't keep an eye on the thread, you run the risk of not being included in the order



  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    All, Just want to make it clear that anyone is welcome to order pirate kit, there is no vetting or acceptance process.

    Id like to think that the pirates are open and inclusive, theyre not an official club, neither are there any rules. This works both ways, in such that if someone is asking for kit then I think its fair and a demonstration of our interest to ask them why what races theyre doing, maybe where theyre based etc. Its not a case that theyre being judged on this basis.

    Also, sorting out the kit order can be an onerous process, collecting order confirmations and payments from dozens of people takes time. If someones asking for kit with their first post on the forum, I think its fair to ask them a little more about themselves. If that's their only communication with us how will we get in touch with them in a couple of months when the kit order is being organised.

    As has been said about minimum orders, if we get to 16 and that comprises 6 people that have only posted once and arent contactable, change their mind etc then the order process gets postponed.

    Everyone thats ever wanted/paid for pirate kit has had it collected.


  • I think now is also a good time to explain that the last kit order was for 72 people ordering in excess of 150 pieces of kit.  For these reasons, I run a tight ship where the order process is concerned and know I can come across as a bit brusque at time.

    In the last order Barley explained the inconveniences I face when dealing with the kit order and I think it is worth posting again here at the startof the thread where all can see it

    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    To reinforce re Mouse's comment...
    Having coordinated kit orders myself, I know how much time this takes bearing in mind it's a voluntary role.  When I did it, there was no way near as many people ordering kit as there are now and not as many kit items being ordered. Schmunks has streamlined the process to make sure everyone is updated with what's going on, what's expected etc and to make it easier to coordinate a large order.
    I am on the order list and I have seen the emails Schmunks has been sending, if they seem brusque its only in terms of explaining a clear process.  In each email she provides the spreadsheet as well as link to to it on dropbox. From what I can see, she is trying to give people the tools to help themselves rather than having to hand-hold people all the way through, I really can't see why some people can't follow the clear instructions that she gives.   

    In the past its not been uncommon for Schumks to end up having to chase people and respond to questions across 4/5 types of media, this can cause misunderstandings to happen, this is exactly what Schmunks wants to avoid and why assertive instructions could seem blunt.  Individually you may think a one off facebook post or text message isn’t significant but its often many people thinking like that, from Schmunks side, these well intentioned (yet multiple) messages can cause difficulties. 

    Please remember this is being done on a voluntary basis and so speed and efficiency is key; yes, you may get a one sentence reply to an e-mail, but that's because there is no doubt another 10 people wanting an email response.
    As has been mentioned many times, you have asked for kit and therefore you should be keeping an eye on progress.  I know she can be an old dragon and can nag but she does it because she cares about the kit order and wants to ensure no-one misses out on the kit they want. 
    Remember, she is doing this for your benefit, so it's only fair to try and lighten her load by using the information she gives to help yourself.

    Thank you


  • Tri Shorts (last ordered Nov '12 @ £33)

    Gilet (last ordered Nov '12 @ £65)

    Girls Tank Top
    bburn plodder
    Muffin Top
    Pain is Temporary
    Total: 7 (9 more needed)

    Cycle Top (last ordered Nov '12 @ £45)

    Monaco (last ordered Nov '12 @ £42)

    Arm warmers (last ordered Sep '11 @ £21)

    Cycle Jacket (last ordered Nov '12 @ £95)

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    given that many are new online and nervous about posting, don't grill them about their intentions.

    as a newbie last year, I felt it was quite welcoming to have 'real' pirates actually be interested in what I was planning to do tri-wise image image...

    ... it broke the ice (did you get that topical reference, there? image)

  • if you do a half iron = you can wear the shorts 

    if you do the full = you can wear the shorts and top

    if you do the double = you can wear what the fuck you want 

    if you do the deca = you dont need to wear anything - you are revered by all 

    if you do the double deca = you should be training and not concerned with forum crap



  • Ok, silly question but how do you qualify for pirate kit? I've done 2 IM's and lots of Half maras in my club tri kit so do I qualify??

  • If you want kit, put your name down and order some.

    Seems to me it quite obvious what Schmunkee is asking people to do. If your new to the forum and want to race as a pirate at least say where you racing that year, so that people can say "oh a and b are also racing there, go to this or that thread and say hi".

    Its not about qualifing or earning the right to wear the kit.

    There have been people in the last few kit orders that register on the site, put their name down for kit, never post on here again, never respond to emails when Schmunks is trying to order kit from 70+ and hold the whole process up for everyone else.

    People seem to lose sight of the fact that Schmunks does this in her own time and gets nothing out of it (other then a odd love of spread sheets), so if she asks people to post a little about their race plans for that year to make sure they are serious then that is ok with me

  • I thought about introducing the rule that you could not call yourself a Pirate and have the logo by your name unless you'd completed an IM in the last 2 years. That would sort out the 'real' Piratesimage
  • Now there's an idea image
  • Oh dear... That should've been aimage
  • Ok, I laughed. image
  • Disingenuous I think you meant image

  • You know what Schmunks, if I were you I'd get this thread deleted and start again. On the first page you've got KK not being particularly pleasant and that is far worse than a bit of 'hi, where are you racing?'

    KK - give it a rest, you're like a broken record.

    One thing I know for sure, is that this isn't what the pirates are about, not for me, anyway.
  • I did think that last night Mouse, but wasn't sure that I would not get accused of censorship.
  • Does this mean I need to put all my shiny kit away until after outlaw? What about the cycling jacket? Can I only wear it after Alpe D'Huez? image
  • No, it's means anyone can wear kit and enjoy being part of the Pirates

    For me, FF's post sums up perfectly what my intentions are when I ask newbies about why they are interested in wearing the kit
  • I'd feel more intimidated being told I wasn't allowed kit before doing an IM.
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