The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread



  • As a newbie I wouldn't feel intimidated by someone asking me a few questions on my goals, what races I plan to do etc. It just shows to me that the "club" are interested in what I am doing and could offer support at certain races they knew I was doing.

    I think having to "earn" the kit would put more people off as Im sure, like myself, people would like to wear the kit at the big events to get even more support and show people you are a priate etc.

    Just my thoughts image

  • I am also a newbie I have done Marathons before but no triathlons or Ironmans as yet. I have entered for a half Ironman in June and the big Woody in August.

    I am happy to talk about what I am planning to do. I need all the support I can get 

    I would like to order some kit not sure whats best to get?image

  • KK - the problem is you have expressed this opinion a couple of times before and it has been covered previously by Barlos and more recently by FlatFooted.  When you continue to raise the same objections time and time again (and not just in relation to the kit ordering process) I guess people wonder about your motives. With hindsight, perhaps it would have been more beneficial to the understanding of others if you encouraged these people to speak up for themselves and then we would know the extent of the disatisfaction of my approach as it is currently coming across that you personally have a problem with this.

    Everyone - At the end of the day, I will continue to deal with the kit order my way.  From what I can see, apart from KK speaking on behalf of unknown others, no-one has come out and out and said they don't like my approach.  Indeed, on this thread and the previous one, people who have ordered kit understood my reasons.

    Hopefully now that the subject has been discussed (for the third time), KK will go back to the dissenters and point them in the direction of Barlos' and FlatFooted's posts and that should then become clear to all that there is no 'grilling' and no need to earn the right to wear kit.

  • Kk I presume these newbies are grown-ups? In which case perhaps they can express their opinions themselves? I find it odd that newbies would approach you about PSOF stuff. 

    I would guess new Pirates find this tiresome old conversation more off putting than answering a few questions. Everyone else it appears is fine with it. So that sort of "sorts it out" doesn't it?!

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  • Ohh what's the rating thing?? 

    Anyway I was going to say that the thread shouldn't get hyjacked and let's get back to  ordering kit image

  • I am going to save up for a gillet schnmunkee.....and hopefully at outlaw i can try on some other pirates ones for sizes............

    i will probabaly need a new monaco as a couple of times this year........

  • Schmunks - are the arm warmers yellow with black skull and cross bones, or black with yellow skull and cross bones ??

  • Last ones were yellow with black

    and they are luffley and warm  image

  • I'm not sure what I need to save up for next, might be time for a Kit Inventory  image

  • definitely yellow with black skull and cross bone image

  • What the wise one said image

  • did we ever do leg warmers in the end......

    schmunkee....I know loads have told you already how grateful they are for your hard work on doing this for us........

     i just want to say that after doing just one small buff order.I  am in awe of your good work..Thank you for organising us image

  • I was wearing my pirate monaco at a spin session at my local sports centre and someone asked my advice on triathlons..couldn't work out how he knew I did triathlons until he revealed he had just finished holgs book image

  • KK well done youve single handedly ruined this thread, it was meant to be for people to post kit orders on, not for your one woman cruisade to gring out the massive chip on your shoulder.

    I suggest the thread gets cazzed and is restarted for the benefit of other newbies who im sure will be far more intimidated by the rubbish youve been spouting here than the alleged people who have contacted you personally.  Please would you private message me and let me know who they are?  Id be interested to hear theyre own opionion directly than second hand through you, im sure the last thing they would have wanted was this.

    If youve got personal views about the kit order process I suggest you start a seperate thread about it, this one was got kit order, id respectfully ask that if a replacement thread is started you let it be.

  • Is there no ignore button?
  • I can ignore quite easily, I have been doing for long enough but its people that newer people that im more concerned for, what must they think if theyre logging in for the first time. 

    Rather than ignore its a shame we cant exclude certain people if theyre got nothing positive to say.

    Ive asked for the thread to be deleted, no KK its not censorship, its so the kit order can run smoothly without the hinderance of your trolling.

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