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Hi just moved to the Southport area, I know nobody down here and I wondered if there was a club about who meet for runs, or if anyone was interested in getting out. I used to be OK but haven't done much running last few years but going to get back in to it. Entered the Coniston 14 as motivation, getting round would be the aim this time in 08 I did 1 hr 48. No chance now. Most I can do currently is about 4-5 miles but will soon get back in to it.


  • OK, your choices are basically Southport Waterloo who are pretty big, or some of the clubs nearer to Liverpool (there are a few, such as Liverpool RC, Mossley Hill, Penny Lane), or Newburgh, which is the club I'm in and is a bit more inland and most of the lads are hills/trails/fells/ultra types, though all levels catered for etc (ends advert). I think there's a club called Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton based at Edge Hill Uni in Ormskirk but I don't know anything about them.

  • Just beyond Ormskirk is Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers too.

  • OK Cheers will have a look thanks.


  • Newburgh meet 7.30pm on Tuesdays at Newburgh Sports & Social for an 8-10m steady run, Skelmersdale meet at 6.45 on Thursdays at West Lancs College in Skem and go shorter and do some intervals. Dunno about the rest but they're bigger clubs with proper websites.

  • Well I'm only just back. Got injured years ago, during Garburn trail. Stupidly finished it and really did my achilles, had tendernittis for about a year. Got completely out of it. Only done a few 4 milers, used to do 35-40 miles a week. Half marathon every Monday and go out maybe 4 other times. So I have been at a reasonable level, but I'm novice again now, but will soon get back in to it. Just want to be able to complete 14 mile come end of March. Skelmersdale might be good to start. Will have a look and see if I can get along on Thursday.

    And thanks so much. Nothing on google as such, thats really helpful.

  • No problem man. I run out with both clubs at training, though Newburgh is my team. Either lot will see you right.


  • Hi Steven,  How did March go?  Did you get up to the 1/2 distance yet?

    I'm up for a running partner but have dropped from 10/11 miles in Dec to 4 or 5 now.  Will be picking up my running again in the next few months. 

    btw there is a running group who meet on Wednesday 6.30pm at Dunes Leisure centre in Southport.  I'm going there this week for the first time.  I think they cater for all ability levels with some wanting to get to 5 or 10k level.

    Cheers Paul

  • I work in Southport and live in St Helens.  Always looking for running partners before/after work.  Currently training for a marathon in Sept but happy training any distance on the shorter runs

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