Twisted Ankle

OK, so I twisted my ankle on Tuesday this week and am currently letting it recover.

I'm just wondering how I should tackle getting back into running once I feel it is ok to run on again. I'm sure people on here have gone through this loads of times.

I'm currently part way through a training plan for the Brighton Marathon in April and Brighton Half in a months time. So I assume I should cut back on the milage, I'm currently up to 16 miles for a LSR, for a bit but is there any other advice that can be given?

I can walk on it and I've noticed today is a lot easier than the previous two. The previous two days have been more of a hobble rather than walk, but today, as long as it wasn't stiff from sitting at my desk, I haven't noticed it unless I've thought about it. However, that doesn't mean I think I'm ready to run on it again.


  • Avoid hills for a bit, and uneven ground.  You probably should avoid speed work too.

    Once it stops hurting, start drawing the alphabet with your toes a couple of times a day.  It helps to maintain flexibility and stretches the ankle tendons out gently.

    For your first run back, only do a couple of miles at most.  If it isn't sore, swollen or stiff afterwards then you can increase the distance on your next run.  If it still isn't right then rest a couple more days before trying again.

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