White Cliffs Endurance Run: White Cliffs 50 (WC50)

Is there anyone else entered into this race getting a bit concerned about the lack of news coming from the organisers? They last posted on Facebook and Twitter back in November and no final info regarding bag drops/checkpoints forthcoming.
I have emailed Ultra Trails but haven't had a reply.
Numbers of entries seems quite low, maybe that has something to do with it?
Anyone know anything?


  • Ah Ha. Suddendly, the final checkpoints have now been added on their website!  Still no reply to my emails though or email updates as promised.  All good though.

  • I'm running the White Cliffs 50, have you done this before? - I had no idea it was such a small field of runners, I think I might be bringing up the rear on this one as it's my first ultra. I was keen to find out a little bit about this, how tough other runners think the course might be and I did try and look up previous results but couldn't find any.

    It looks like good fun though, I'm pretty psyched for it now

  • Hi Vazzup – you should have received a response to your email within a few days at most – we do respond to all enquiries as soon as we possibly can. Email newsletters are being sent out this weekend highlighting information available on the website – please contact us directly if you don’t receive yours and we'll look into it. (Also, please note, there are no drop bags permitted for the WC50 (WC100 only)).

    Hi paulkrunner – this is the first year for the White Cliffs 50, so no previous results to look at I’m afraid. Don’t worry - numbers are increasing nicely and it will be suitably challenging - you’ll love it!

  • Gonna do this as a qualifier for the TDS in 2015, how did people find it? Looks like there should be some stunning coastal sections and then up into the ND. What kind of ratio road to trail is there? Looks like you hit a few towns in the first half.

  • Might be worth reading reports on the other events. I'm sure if you Google Thames Gateway will find some stuff!

  • The organiser is. Mike Jones.

    he has two companies : 

    1. Extreme Runner Ltd

    2. Michael J Jones Associates Ltd.

    Using the internet I found the companies have a registered address of "The Innovation Centre, Canterbury."

    i rang the centre and they gave me a number but it was linked to their centre So obviously not much use there.

    i have a mobile number for him but this rings out to the O2 answer phone. I've also sent text messages to this number but no reply.

    i couldn't find him on Facebook, but I did find him on Linked In. I tried sending him a message on their, but no reply as yet.

    I have tried researching the domain name ultra-trails.com, but he opted out of giving his address.

    i recall his missus said they lived in Preston, Lancashire. 192.com returns 3 results.

    His parents and sister lives down here in kent and volunteers for the local mountain rescue, but I can't remember her name (and she is married so maiden name is out).

    I've emailed the registration company (active.com) and explained the situation. 

    For me, it's not the fact the event seems to have been pulled, it's that the organiser seems to have pulled the event without telling anybody or refunding the money. I recommended the 50 to 2 of my friends and they have paid ther money and now seem to have lost it now.

    So folks, I've tried, but no joy as yet. I have the 3 addresses with landline numbers from 192.com ( had to spend a couple of ££ to get them) so maybe I ring them to see which one it may be. Try during work time and hope to speak to the wife / girlfriend?

    Any more avenues I could try people?

  • Just a little concerned too! I have signed up for the WC100 and the NC100 2014... I have emailed Active Online in the hope they can help refund but I am not holding out. Pretty crappy thing to do when it not that difficult to just refund the few already paid...

  • Hi Pete9a1 and L.A, just come across this thread as I thought I better start doing some research on the event I have entered ( White cliff 50) and where better to look than the forum of runners world. A bit shocked on what Pete as stated, so this event as been definitely cancelled/  scraped? My brain sometimes works slower than my legs! Might be able to claim a refund through your credit card company? 

  • Pink Cow, not definately cancelled as the organiser hasn't said anything.  But with no contact at all from them and the website down, people are assuming the worst.  There's a longer thread on the ultra forum.

  • It's pretty safe to say the events won't be going ahead!

  • Thanks for confirming my fears Peronel & WiB, I have found the other thread now! I've emailed active.com and wait their reply. If not I'll be taking it up with my credit card company! Now to start investigating other ultras!

  • yeah, had my email from Mike Jones last weekend, no more Saxon Shore, Extreme Runner Ltd etc, gone into liquidation,  hope you guys get your money back! 

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