Salomon quick lace system

Hi Folks

Has anyone had any experience with the Salomon quick lace systems on their trail shoes??

I was thinking of getting a pair but they dont look too strong, and I hear that when they break you need to send away for a new set from Salomon which then need to be glued into place, not so great if you are in the middle of an ultra!?!?





  • I bought some Salomon shoes about 3 years back with a quick lace system, the man in the shop said the material was kevlar, which is really strong, they make archery strings with the stuff and bullet proof vests etc, Mine have been worn to death, no breakage, but now I find the toggle bit seems to work itself a bit slack, but as the soles are now flat as a pancake and no grip whatsoever, I think they have done the job perfectly. 

  • I have the Salomon quick lace, they have been through the mill a couple of trail marathons then the washing machine and are still intact.

  • Thanks, thats assuring.

    I'm still undecided which to get for trail, any suggestions??

  • Out and out trail I'd recommend Speedcross 3. I've had a lot of pairs and the lace broke on only one pair. The free replacement kit from Salomon doesn't require glueing but does need scissors to install. For that particular occasion I could see the lace beginning to fray around an eyehole for some weeks. Nathan also does some nice quicklaces which one could carry as a spare, but I wouldn't bother if there were no sign of fraying. ( I suspect it was granite dust from muddy conditions that gradually abraded. If I had kept them cleaner and took notice of wear I wouldn't have been caught out.)

  • I have had my Salomons for some time now and they show no real sign of wear and tear on the quick lace system, apart from they seem to work a little loose on occasion. I'm sure mine are the XA Pro 3Ds, waterproof with good toe protection.

  • I have xa pro 3ds that I use for dog walking and I run in speed cross 3. I've had to replace the lacing system in the xa's as they wore in a certain part. The speed cross laces were fine.

    I've had many pairs of salomons now.. My first pair I'd had 6 months before I discovered the lace pocket!
  • Wow I had mine over a year and only found the lace pocket since I read your post


  • Have owned quite a few Salomon shoes : XT wings - XT wings SLab1,2,3 - Speedcross2,3 - 3D Ultras...  and haven`t had a single problem with the quick lace system.. pretty good record considering the amount of abuse the uppers get from rocks, tree roots and quite severe brashings...

    The best way to tie your quick lace :

  • I've had mine for 7 years and they are still going strong. The laces are made out of kevlar and very hard wearing/indestructable. I used to work in a shop selling them and I was chatting to the rep about people who were worried about them breaking if they were out/not near to anywhere where tey could be replaced, he told me that since he has worked for Salomon he has only ever seen them break a handful of time but provided my with a pack of spares to give to customers if they were at all worried. If I were you and you were seriously worried about them just ask the store if they have got any spares or if they could ask the dealer to get some in. But speaking from experience you wont need them!

  • Quick lace system is very good, it is quick, provides a nice even fit to the shoe instead os the strangling you can get from laces.I have had the experience of them breaking though which was irritating eventhough I managed to get a replacement kit and I have never had laces break on me before but the shoes otherwise are very good

  • I've had 4 pairs of XA Pro 3D and never had a problem with the quick lace system. Don't forrget you can tuck the excess (after tightening) into the little flap at the top of the tongue. I met a sales assistant in a Cotswold shop with his speed laces dragging on the floor. He never reailised there was a pocket on the tongue for the lace!

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