Seville marathon

Having entered the Gloucester marathon which has just been cancelled I was a bit desperate to find another so all my long runs weren't wasted. So have just entered Seville in 5 weeks time. Is anyone else going? Tricia


  • Hi Tricia, there's a handful of us running Seville this year. I've not run it before but I hear it's a good one.
  • Hi Tiddy, nice to hear there are a few more Brits going, looking forward to it now just booked flights and hotel.
  • Hi Tricia that's good, yes all booked up too. You can email me and I'll send you more details or activate the message on your RW profile.
  • Hi Tiddy and Tricia. I'd also like to start in seville next week. But unfortunately, I'm too late to subscribe. Do you know some way to find a bib number, or is there someone you know who has signed up, but will not start?

  • I'm not sure if there's a way round this. The only thing I can suggest is to start a new forum looking for a place. If I hear anything from my group, I'll let you know.
  • Okay many thanks! 

  • Did you get yourself sorted? A friend is pulling out of Seville due to injury. Message me if you're still interested.
  • If anyone else has an entry they are not going to use please message me.  I'm in the area on business and would really like to run this race.

  • Hello Sevillains.  I'm looking forward to it.  Flying out on Weds and then back via Gibraltar the following Tues.  Does anyone have any recommendations on places to eat for Saturday?

  • one of my friends adviced me to go to San Marco at Calle Meson del Moro (district santa cruz, Sevilla), he said there was good food

  • Some of the people I'm travelling with ran it last year. I'll find out and post a couple of places.
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