A good day for running

I went out this morning after dropping my son off to school to test the elements. The snow was starting to come down, I had three quarter length shorts on, a wicker top, and a rain proof jacket. I wore fingerless gloves, and a sweat band type hat which covered my ears, but not my head. The parents looked at me strangely. More of that was to follow. By mile 2, i was getting warm, so i stripped down to my t-shirt. It was quite refreshing, and maybe because i overheat, i didnt feel the cold. By mile 5, i was toasty, despite snow sticking to my eyebrows. By mile 10, the looks were getting stranger, especially from the school kids who left early, and i suppose to the outside world i was mad, but this was just running with the elements, about going out there in all weathers, and it felt great. I did 14 miles in the end. I got in, no frostbite, stretched out, no after effect, and carried on as normal for the rest of the day. I was pleased i did it, and i wasnt the only runner.


  • I was in shorts today........when i was running through the 20cm show in the fields the bit above the ankles got a little cold but apart from that my legs felt warm the whole 2 hours.....image

    it was great to be out running.especially when you came across virgin snow

  • +1 Wasn't it amazing!? image

  • Well its the day after, and just feels like another day, so yes, no after effects. I will be out there tomorrow, but have brought grippers for my shoes. Need them. Running in the snow is good, running on ice is something else.

  • running in snow is totally uplifting image


  • So shoe grippers work on icy pavements, Ghostie? V hilly and icy where I live but would love to get out running, but feel its too risky!
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