Running and soccer

So i'm 15, i play football but i am frustrated because i'm not as fit as i want to be and it's hindering me.  I'm a slow runner and so overall i would like to have great running power in a few months and i'll do nearly whatever.  i have a decent pair of sneaks i'll run however much but i'd prefer not to run on roads because i breathe very heavily and make crazy faces when i run.  I have some questions for you all though.

  • Will i get faster/fitter quicker by running short distance or long
  • how do i breathe better when running instead of breathing like a mentalcase
  • how do i get over my fear of running on roads
  • i ran 1.8km in 13 mins today is that good (rocky steep country track, none of it was flat)
  • how do i make myself enjoy running so to speak?


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