Anyone want my place in the 2013 Edinburgh Marathon?

Hi there, I'm unfortunately injured and now won't be able to run Edinburgh Marathon in May this year so I have a place on offer if anyone would like it. I'd just ask for you to cover what it cost me for my place. If you're interested just let me know. Many thanks.


  • Me please! Happy to cover costs. I'll mesage you.

  • Hi Fran, Did you sell your place??
  • Hi. Did you sell your Edinburgh marathon place? I am happy to pay you extra for the place, I.e. more than it was worth in the first place. Let me know if still available. Thanks.
  • I have an Edinburgh Marathon ticket that I would like to sell. Does anyone want to buy it. Thanks
  • If anyone wants to buy the ticket from me, please contact me on 07859 807 110. Thanks
  • If anyone still needs an edinburgh marathon place,please email me
  • Would anyone else like to buy an Edinburgh marathon place 2013 today/tomorrow? If so pls email me  I have to pull out due to injury and deadline for transfer of place is this week.

  • I am selling two places for the full Edinburgh marathon on 26th May. I am selling them for full price (??48) plus the website add a ??10 fee to swap.

    I am also look for two places for the Edinburgh half if anyone knows someone selling them.

    Please get in contact if you are interested in either of the above.


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