Running in todays conditions

I want (and need) to do a 22 mile LSR today. Part of me is excited about the conditions but I am also somewhat nervous and have a running friend trying to discourage me due to ice fears. My route sticks to main roads but I doubt much of it will be gritted. 

Anyone else out for a long one today? Is my friend right to discourage me? I'm thinking the earlier the better before too many people stomp the snow or it gets colder again. 


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Try it out, it'll either be runnable or it won't. If it's treacherous, bin it. It's only one run. And don't set your heart on 22 miles. Fresh snow might be grippy enough to run on safely but it can be hard work and slow going. Think time on feet. (Hopefully!)
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I've binned the running until the snow and more importantly the ice clears. I don't have off-road shoes so I'm not going to risk injury from either slipping or, just as possibly, getting a strain or pull from adjusting my gait for one run. A bit of time off will do no harm and anyway I can hammer the rowing machine instead.

    Training schedules are only that, schedules, not orders cast in stone.

  • Yeah, I would do the same but have just sat out a minor injury so keen to get back in the swing of things. have no interest in taking risk of more injury though. think the advice of giving a go and if it feels problematic calling it a day is pretty sound.  

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    The weather won't stop me but I'll be doing a time run, 3 hours, and not worrying about distance or pace. We have 8-10" of snow.
  • Vicky, a mix of what Phil and Minni say really.

    If it's dangerous, bin it off.

    If it's just snowy, maybe just do the run to time. If 21miles would take you 3hours, just run for that long...

  • agree with stevie it by hear,.i love running in this weather


     but just go for time not distance...........I only managed 9 miles in 2 hours yesterday but so pleased i went

  • hi vicky yello, maybe theres an area which has been gritted by your local council or a forest trail nearby? whatever you decide enjoy and be carefull. image

  • I'm just back in from one route and Mrs Easy is just back in from another.

    I ran around town, thinking the heavily used paths would be better; they weren't and were mostly covered by compacted ice.  I did some hill reps up a lane which had very little snow/ice on it, but the rest of the route was a bit dodgy.

    Mrs Easy ran around the country lanes and she said they were brilliant; which surprised me, since I would've thought they would be worse.

    Just go out and be careful.  Short strides, run on the quiet roads - no headphones - and use off road shoes if you have 'em.

  • Just got back. Decided the best thing to do was aim for central london. Once I'd got out of the suburbs it was fine but the pace was slow so just did 18miles, but I'm happy enough with that. Cheers all - hope everyone's had a good day. 

  • I ran 15 yesterday and had to hop on and off the road from the icey pavement as the cars came towards me. Not easy but at least its done now.

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