Running in the snow . . .



  • 6 miles off road in the snow yesterday and 10 miles today. I really enjoyed it. My legs feel as though they've done twice the distance image

  • Ran 10miles around south London yesterday afternoon. Only saw 3 other runners which is a small fraction of the usual number. Normal road shoes without any problems, though my legs felt heavier at the end.
  • the trails today had more runners than ive seen all year, like everyone came out today in a sea of neon long sleeve tops, it was great to see.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Toughest 15 miles I've ever done today. And slowest. But glad I got out in the snow, didn't see any other runners.
  • I did 21 miles in the snow today, it was great, another recommendation for yak trax! Except by 17 miles they weren't so comfortable under foot. I saw one cyclist today and no runners, but then I never do where I live.

  • 30 snowy, mostly-pavement miles for me today (still got a sore posterior tibial tendon I'm rying to not-upset, or I would have gone offroad. Stabilicers (sport variety) were great while it was icy with a little snow on the top - felt perfectly safe stepping onto the ice. Quick pit stop at home at 20 miles (ate a great piece of Christmas cake) and the snow was deeper by then (ended up about four inches deep) so I changed socks & shoes and wore my Neo trail shoes instead for the last 10 miles.

  • 7.5 miles today on the pavements. Slow going and a bit dodgy in places but still enjoyable. As long as you think ahead and dont allow yourself to drift off too much, you'll be fine. No other runners spotted today round my gaff either. Some guy told me I was mad on Friday pulling up alongside me in his car. I said youre the one driving a 2 tonne chunk of metal on snow, Im just running on it! 

  • 9.5 miles off road. A mixture of fresh stuff for the first half across fields and though woods, then second half canal towpath and round the golfcourse. Felt further, but this was my first 'proper run' for a couple of weeks as I've had a sore calf.

    A few runners round the golf course where the snow was packed hard and perhaps a little slippery.
  • Out again this morning, also wanted to check to see what the main roads where like before going to work . . . still lots of fresh snow to run on so no real grip problems and still very people about, think everybody has hibernated!,  . . . which may not be such a bad idea image

  • @Nicolajmiller - this is a bit late for your Sunday run but I did 20k yesterday and most of it running around the Outer Circle of Regents Park. Normally I would obviously run on the pavement but had to mainly run on the road and they were fine, not slippery at all. The normally crochety cyclists seemed to even understand and share the space. Not that there were that many of them out. 

  • only managed 3.3 miles today, my plantar flared up after 2 miles so i just came home, i dont want it to get serious, not worth it. 

  • 10 miles along the usual canal route. Put on yaktrax for the first time and couldn't have been better!

  • how do those yaktrax things work when you get to a bit of normal road, with no snow or anything?

  • Well I resorted to the treadmill at the weekend due to the ice and snow here in Nottinghamshire.  Hated it that much that I was determined I would get outside and run today.  Went off road and absolutely loved it.  Five miles in fresh fallen snow though so not slipping.  Was knee deep in the stuff for most of the route, made the run a lot tougher and slower but beats the treadmill any day!

    Am also thinking about the Yaktrax things.   Off to have a look for some now.....

  • Ran the 'Stanbury Splash' fell-race yesterday up above Haworth, quite snowy, with the car thermometer showing -3C when we arrived


    330-'odd' starters for a (shortened due to ice)

  • Help! How do I run i the snow.I feel like I am getting fat already

  • Ran 9.5 miles yesterday; love it! I actually find it better to run on the snow than to walk on it. It really works my lower legs, Adam I find run on the snow like you run off road.
  • re London safe spots...Hyde Park, off the paths, is totally runnable in trail shoes at the moment. i will try Regents Park tomorrow.

  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    how do those yaktrax things work when you get to a bit of normal road, with no snow or anything?

    Seems to be ok on normal non-icy non-snow surfaces although you will be aware there's something else on the shoes. Quite stable on normal surfaces. Did 14 miles yesterday with mixtures of surfaces although mainly snow and felt very confident on it

  • My Stabilicers are fine EXCEPT on e.g. the very smooth, polished hard surfaces you get in supermarkets!

  • So i can understand running on proper compacted snow and even ice (have just ordered first ever yaktrax and stupidly excited) but what do you do when it starts to melt and goes all slushy and slippery? Can you keep going on roads and pavements?

  • Slushy is fine - trail shoes will work on slushy; it's the compacted snow/ice for which you need STABILicers, yaktrax or similar.

  • Thanks Debra, looks like I need to get some decent trail shoes....

  • how many seconds per mile do you reckon snow slows you down? went for a tempo run last night on the local track and they hadnt cleared the snow/crushed ice from the lanes.

    Effort wise I felt at the right level but the mile times were about 20 seconds slower.

    Has anyone got similar experiences?

  • must add I was wearing normal rinning shoes, no trail shoes or spikes oe anything. Just regular road trainers

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