Best running blogs?

That's it really! I write a running blog am I'm interested to know what things people like to read about and why. There's a whole lot of lifestyle and food and fashion blogs out there, and lots of blog awards to boot - but not for running (not fitness really either) so would be really keen to hear what other runners like to read...or not!




  • There are any number of running blogs judging by the number of people who come on this forum and advertise their blogs!

  • Do you read any? Why? If not why? image

  • its all right reading about what friends have done on here...........but to constantly have a break down on someones runs that you don't know....can't se the point.we all run.we have all had good runs, bad runs... long runs ... wet runs.. cold runs.......why would i want to constantly read someone elses opinions on themimage

  • I agree -- running isn't quite the same type of topic as food/fashion/books/etc. because I might read blogs about those things and get ideas for recipes or books I want to read. Whereas I don't need to read a running blog to think 'oh, that's a good idea, I'll go for a run'. As far as I can see, you'd need to have the kind of blog that reviews lots of new products of interest to runners, or focus on event reviews from your region and maybe attract local readers. Or maybe you'd be doing a 'personal journey' type blog about getting into running, which might be interesting to non-runners.

    Unless you're amazing at writing, of course. I read all sorts of blogs that aren't specifically about one of my main interests, but are entertaining and funny.

  • Just a Jog wrote (see)

    Do you read any? Why? If not why? image

    No, I don't read any.  As Seren says - if it were someone I know, then maybe (but only maybe), but not random strangers.


  • Kate I'm writing one too ( - I suppose it is a bit of a vanity project (everyone listen to meeee!!!) but it's also helping me to get out there running consistently as I know friends will ask why I'm not running if I stop!  As far as other blogs, this is one I stumbled across and liked:

  • i don't read blogs on running, but i do listen to the marathontalk podcast. i can listen when i'm out on a run, and they have training tips and interview elite runners (not just marathoners, but middle distance and ultra runners too) and speak to coaches etc. The guys that run it have a decent pedigree themselves, not elite, but one of them is married to Liz Yelling, and the other is the UK organiser for parkrun, which is suppose helps explain their contacts and how they're able to get people on the show to talk to them. it's been going for 2-3 years now i think.

    but i'd agree with the above posts, i'm not sure i'd be that interested in reading about someone elses running experiences unless they were a top runner themselves, or a coach, e.g. i'd happily have a read through Alberto Salazar's blog.

  • There are lots of US running/healthy living blogs... The ones I read incl: (more Crossfit than running)

    UK blogs


    I also write one myself - I think lots of people do it as an extension of keeping a running journal. I don't really expect anyone to read it, so it's nice when they do!


  • I've just put a new post up on my Ironman Wales blog. If anyone would like to have a read it's



  • If you want something quite funny, a bit less serious. but still a reasonable runner, could I suggest  

    Examples of recent blogs include:

    - Leading the London Marathon for 400 meters

    - Running in the Great British Beerathon - 5 miles, 4 pints, 4 bits of food, 1 almighty hangover

    - Running the Sierra Leone marathon

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