Trail Shoe help please..


I was wondering if anyone could give me some help in selecting Trail shoes. My normal running shoes are, New Balance M1260RB - as I over pronate slightly and require a bit of stability.

I quite like these as they have a nice amount of cushioning and support but are not too heavy and so I find them really comfortable to run in. I want to find something that might be similar but for off-road running and have no idea where to start.


Any help would be brilliant, thank you in advance!


  • Your feet rarely strike flat ground when running off-road so support & cushioning have far less of an impact on shoe choice..


    These seem pretty similar to what you're already using only with a more aggressive sole.
  • As Roland says, support and cushioning tend to be minimal in off-road shoes as the ground is generally softer and uneven. That said, some shoes have more cushioing than others and the type of ground you intend to run on will determine how much grip you need.

  • Ive been runningnin these after trying a few in the  Inov8s range 

    Love them loads of grip,lightweight and bouncy

  • another fan of the wave harriers.. ran in mine today with great grip.  What surface/conditions do you need your shoes for?  If you are running along a gravel trail then you can go for a shoes that is closer to a road shoe, if you are in deep mud, steep trails, and rocks then you might be better off with a fell shoe.  Some manufactuers are also narrower than others...  brooks have a wide trail shoe, asics medium, inov8/salomen are relatively narrow.  Inov8/Salamon and Mizuno Wave harriers have an aggressive sole, the Brooks ones don't.  Asics (fuji gel) are OK for most stuff (although they nearly crippled me on a recent 50k run)!  Grrrr

  • I have been running in Adizero Xt 3 s for two years and they were the best shoes I've ever had, out of the box. Very grippy, flat profile, very light and I never run out of grip plus they're very well made.

    I've run nearly 2000 miles in them, all trail, and there's little sign of wear or degradation anywhere.

    In fact I've just been discussing with my wife which pair of shoes I should get to replace. My choices are Trailroc 245, Minimus MT10 or the upgraded Adizero xt 4. In fact I'm just going to get another pair of the same Xt 3's. They're that good.

    If you need arch support you can get insoles to deal with that.

    But this relies so much on personal choice that you'll probably end up ignoring all of us and going with what feels comfy on the treadmill and looks good!

    I love running trail. Enjoy.
  • I overpronate but have been going well in Adidas Kanadias. They are relatively cheap at ??37 in some places so ideal for a first off-roarer IMO.
  • Any suggestions for a trail shoe that would be similar fit to asics GT 2160, Or latest version GT 2000... Is it best to keep with asics as I know they fit my feet well?
  • anniesophie wrote (see)
    Any suggestions for a trail shoe that would be similar fit to asics GT 2160, Or latest version GT 2000... Is it best to keep with asics as I know they fit my feet well?

    Asics 'Trabuco 14' were their trail equivalent to the GT-2160, and the 'Fuji Trabuco' in their current range is the equivalent to the the GT-2170 / GT-2000.


    Also worth noting for those who race in Asics DS Racer's, the Fuji Racer is the trail equivalent to the DS Racer 9 - same fit with some trail features added.

  • Thanks Ballesteros, useful info!
  • Thanks for all the info guys. I ended up going to SweatShop and get myself a pair of Adidas Kanadias. I was however tempted by some bright orange and yellow Asics but ended up going for the ones that were alot more comfortable. Now to get me some off-road runs in! image

  • Enjoy! Mine have been great.

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