Marlborough Downs Challenge

Anyone know what's happened to this event this year?  They are only offering the 33 mile option and on Sunday rather than Saturday.  The website only says "circumstances beyond their control". 


  • Not sure - I see parking is in town as well, rather than at the college - so maybe something was happening there or they did not want us there?


  • I am in anyhow!

  • I agree RB, reading between the lines the College must be unavailable. They talk about course changes, so perhaps the start will have to be somewhere different. I am also in, really looking forward to it. It was a great day out last year.

  • Hmm I might attempt 20 miles but 33 is a huge distance for me.  I think I'll wait untoil 2014 and hope that they can stage the 20 mile event again then.  I want one of the mugs image

  • The mugs are good too - got a blue one and a green one now - wonder what colour I will get this year!


  • Come on HB - when you get to 20 miles on the 33 route, a couple of hills, Avebury and a nice downhill part to the finish!

    If you are marathon fit I think you could do this ...

  • I'm not, I've never run more than a half marathon.  Hence 33 miles is HUGE!  20 miles would be achievable with a following wind.

  • Okay in that case maybe not! 

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