blackpool marathon

My first marathon blackpool 07-04-2013 ,any advice for me what's it like, it well run, good for a 1st timer cheers help


  • Colin


    Very user friendly event, two lap course,ideal 1st timer event, pancake flat, new venue Blackpool Football Club, pleanty of toilets, cafe's, bars, parking (5000 cars) and accommodation in town.



  • Is there a course map yet rocketman?
  • Runningowl,

    Brian Porter & I willbe conducting the final measurement as soon as this weather easies, then the whole route will be on the web site.



  • Cheers Ron for the info ,staying in the blackpool football club hotel,my first marathon, can you wear headphones in the race,

    Cheers again ron
  • Griffoson


    No problem with headphones provided they are turned dopwn sufficiently enough to hear instructions from the commentator at the start and the stewards G4S on the course. The whole of the promenade will be closed for the duration of the event making it a total traffic free course.



  • thanks ron how far is the blackpool football club hotel, from the start line,i know the race finishes there inside the ground i believe cheers mate.

  • Hi all, this will be my first marathon too, what sort of times are you hoping for?


  • Griff- i dont know of these Rocket Ron or Brian Porter - but i do know its a fabulas event, one we've run many times and struck a pb at

    if you get the chance id go for it

  • km 10 IM hoping for a 4hr 30 mins how about you
  • Hoping for somewhere under 5 hrs. Think going to be close based on half marathon pb etc. Hows training going so far, what distance you up to on long run?
  • Looking at present for 2hr 50-55 but trying to get in 2hr 45-49 shape.
  • A great/sensible event to do your marathon debut at Griffoson - mine was not so sensible, with it being at Snowdonia (my local one!).

    Did this event last year - as a lifelong Blackpool FC fan I had to and after hearing that it was finishing in my beloved Bloomfield Rd I had to sign up again. Struggled with plantar fasciitis last year - looks like I'm clear of it now and I'm hoping to get some unbroken training this time around. Clocked 2h50m last year - like runningowl, targetting around the 2h45m mark this time

  • I entered this last night. I had entered Shakespeare hoping for a sub 3:15, which is 8 minutes quicker than my PB, but changed my mind due to possibility of mud on a large part of it.

    With only 10 weeks to go, I need to start getting those long miles in! My half PB is 1:29 on dead pan flat Gosport Half marathon, but hoping Blackpool can bring me my elusive GFA London!

    Just prey for a non-windy day! Though I guess it will be with you for half of it!

  • km 10 trainings hard but good,top long run 22 miles took me 4 hrs 20 mins,im averaging 45-50 miles per weekimage

  • Thinking of entering and looking for sub 3-15. Does anyone know when entries close?
  • You can still enter online.
  • No race limit for either the full or half marathons. After online closing date, postal entries accepted and on both Saturday (expo at the football club & number pick up) and Sunday morning 07.30-08.30am  Start under the tunnel at the main entrance to the club 20 metres across the road from the car parks (5000 spaces) Finish 30 metres from the baggage staorage areas under cover.  Most toilets for 15.000 fans at the club will be open, home & away changing/shower rooms open.

  • Griffoson


    You can enter online at right upto the Saturday night 6th April 2013.   (3000 + entries so far accepted, plenty of spaces available)

  • My first marathon aiming for Sub 3 hours, but issue could be the wind! More importantly where's everyone celebrating Sunday night...Walkabout???....

  • Does anyone know a runner who might be unable to do the Half Marathon and has a number going spare.  I assume numbers can be transferred.

    Any help much appreciated.

  • Brian, Having a racing comeback ?     I,ll be there for the full,

  • He-he, no chance Eric.  That said, it is a Sprecial Wedding Anniversity that weekend and I have been banned from attending any race. image

    I am trying to get the number for a friend who is desperate to get a race in before he does the London Marathon.

    I have just come across this on the race website:

    Do not pass your running number onto somebody else without notifying registration first. This is to ensure the results are correct and for obviously safety and medical reasons.

    So if anyone has a spare number a transfer is acceptable.

    Fingers Crossed.

  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭

    Another shout out for someone who is after a half number which may be going begging

  • A shout out for anyone who may have or may know of someone who has a number going begging for the full marathon. My mate who I have been training with has left his entry till a few days ago thinking places were unlimited, well thats what it said on one of the sites! We have both trained for 4/5 months for our debut marathon and have both raised money for charity so is desperate to run! Is willing to pay full entry price.

    Good luck to everyone on the day hopefully the wind won't be howling!

  • Haven't tapered as Manchester marathon is my A race, but am hoping to get as close to 3 hrs as possible. Did Stafford half in 1:23:23 a few weeks back, so hoping I won't be too far off.
  • Jedward and anyone else looking for 2:59:59 or less, while on one of my last little runs before Sunday at lunchtime and running into a little headwind I thought about if we can get a little pace train going? Each taking a turn in taking the wind for a mile while the rest draft behind then swapping ala tour dr France peloton. At least up to 20-22 miles then each run his own end of race.
  • My first marathon, any idea of the numbers traking part in the marathon?  I am aiming for 4hrs 30 mins image

  • i thought this race was not really so good, having done it now....
    nice medal..and thank goodness,nice weather, that could have made it a real bad day for me.....the route is boring and atmosphere very flat....and not 1 portaloo on the whole course for full marathon.

  • Got to agree on the portaloos. I needed to pee for about 7miles before giving in and stopping behind a bush. I didn't expect the atmosphere to be any different but the marshals could have at least cracked a smile. Lots of tweaks needed but as a straight off marathon course it was as required, flat and fast
  • Agree it's a bit of a dull course but it was expected, we all knew it was up and down the promenade! Best thing is its very fast in my opinion!

    90% of marshalls were miseries but hey ho!

    Got my dream time with 2:59:47 so Im happy image

    You may of heard me screaming down the finishing straight in the footy ground lol.

    Happy days....bring on Manchester in 3 weeks
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