Calf lengthening surgery

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I've had a crazy year of no running and a lot of pain thanks to what has been diagnosed as a problem with my posterior tibial tendon ('tib post') and despite months and months of strengthening, stretching, rest, massage etc it's no better...i've been referred to a surgeon who is advocating an operation to lengthen my calf. Has anyone had any experience with this? Anyone else had nightmares with tib post? I'm currently in NZ but feel I would travel anywhere in the world to get this sorted so if you also know of an amazing specialist please let me know!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Invasive surgery I'd consider a gamble. If you are fully aware of how the problem manifested, then there is a source for the solution. If not, then surgery is literally a stab in the dark.

    How long do you hold the stretch for?

    The blood supply for a tendon is comparatively poor, so for it to get the messages to lengthen permanently, you'll have to put it under mild tension for at least 10 minutes.

    Re alignment of muscle fibre only needs about 2 minutes.

    Sorry if you've already done all this before.


  • Hey thanks RicF for your post. Yes I've tried all manner of stretching - holding for 30 secs up to 2 mins - and a wide range of exercises to strengthen or realign but still the goddamn thing hurts like anything just walking around. I was even told it could be a neural pathway thing related to pain so tried therapy for that, various different orthotics, acupuncture, a bathe in the Ganges, even a psychologist as I wondered if perhaps it was psychosomatic! All to no avail and the surgeon seems to think this will work so curious about anyone else's experience as I'd never heard of this technique. I lived in the UK for many years until just over a year ago so also wondering how NZ fares with latest research and techniques compared to the UK...
  • Don't let your OS go anywhere near you TP, calf or anything with a view to making it longer.

    In the early 90's there were (and maybe still are) a very, very few who would release tendons due to neurological conditions....and this was the last change saloon.

    Which bit of NZ are you in? I'm sure I can get the name of somebody who can give you a more sensible suggestion...

  • really? holy moly, that scares me that we're still stuck in the 90s here (but doesn't surprise me!). I am in Auckland and would appreciate any recommendations, thanks! 

  • Give Mark Plummer at Physio Rehab Group a call, have a word on the phone and ask his advice before making the next move....

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