The General 10K

Hi, thought I'd start this thread - as I didn't see any others out there yet.

I've just booked my place this morning and am already looking forward to 12th May.

I love challenging runs and The General looks to be an amazing race for 2013!

Anyone else in for it?!


  • Hi Sammy,


    Ran this last year, really enjoyed the course as well as what the organisers threw at  us.  A tank to crawl under.......genius!!!


    Thoroughly enjoyable, even if there wasn't enough toilets  (a lady of little dignity)

  • Decided to go with this, see you there Sammy, let me know what number you are and I'll give you a wave as I passimage

  • Ha ha, great stuff!  I'll let you know, see you at the finish line

  • Hey hows everyones training going.  Tried 5 min runs with 10 metre crawling sessions today......great work out!  Ready for the Easter Holidays and all that chocolate!!

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