City Ground to Other Grounds

Hi all,

Not something I'd normally do, but I'd hope that some people on here would be quite interested in reading about what I'm doing as it's a little different and it's certainly very running-orientated.

I'm running from Nottingham Forest's City Ground to other Football League grounds in time for Forest's away fixtures. I have so far run from Nottingham to Peterborough (59 miles), Nottingham to Leicester (27 miles) and Nottingham to Derby (17 miles). I am running to Birmingham in two weeks' time and then later in the season to Sheffield. It's all in the name of charity (Prostate Cancer UK and the Alzheimer's Society).

I've spent a bit of time keeping my blog up to date and I would imagine it would appeal to some folks on here. If it's your kind of thing, the links to my pages are below: (blog) (fundraising page)

It'd be great to hear everyone's thoughts on it all!

Thank you,


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