Snow snow go away

So, firstly the snow is stopping me running anywhere. I'm out in the country and the roads really are no good. The few that are gritted are very few and very far between :/. Or they are main roads which I can't safely run on.

Saying that, I went out this morning. Ran slowly and avoided ice...until only 2 miles down my back jarred (been sleeping on a horribly uncomfortable sofa bed past few nights which has messed my back up a tad). So gave up and came home.

My question is that, what with the snow and this injury, I'm not going to be getting any proper running in until the snow goes. How then do I get back into training? I'm midway through a marathon training plan (was meant to be doing my second 15 miler today). Do I pick up where I left off, or go back down to a 10/13 miler for a week or two? I am luckily a few weeks ahead of schedule so getting up to much longer distances isn't too much of a's just getting back into it! Also how best to stay fit when I'm pretty much stuck in my house!?



  • I hate snow. Can't really go faster and therefore can't warm up. Spent most of Saterday on the the Gym's treadmill. Did almost two hours. God, was I bored!

  • I cannnnnot imagine doing that!! I don't have gym membership atm either (literally just run out...typical). But two hours!! Half an hour on the treadmil is dull enough!


  • can you get some yaktrax and carry on running?

  • Yep get some ice grips for your shoes and carry on as normal!
  • as you have a few weeks spare,if you have just missed one week i would carry on where you left off............if missed a couple of weeks then i would step back a week or two

  • Can't feasibly buy too much right now...especially after getting new trainers and just paying a deposit on a new place. funds are a bit low right now sadly

  • and thanks seren. will see how long this snow lasts!

  • Yes. Tried the ice grips they are good.and allow you to go to a pretty good pace.

    Good luck
  • Think there are ice grips on amazon for under ??3 not sure about postage thoughimage
  • ah fantastic. i have actually now looked and they're cheap. sods law i'll buy some and the snow will go! will look into it though!! Thanks

  • I got it at sports direct for 4.50.
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