Looking for specialist/advice

Hi all I am new to posting so please bear with me.....

I am looking for some advice/specialist to examine my running style and advise on curing my problem.  I have had really bad plantar fascia problems and damage to my ligaments in my right foot over the last 3 years.  Its only in the last two weeks that I have started light jogging again.  I think one of the main causes of the problem was when I started experimenting with my running form, that’s when I started getting pain in my knees and heel.  Anyway, I believe I am over my injury problems (no thanks to the doctors!) however, when I am jogging my right foot feels very passive.  I tried to video myself running on the treadmill and my right foot kind of flops.  When I am running my other leg and foot feel so much smoother and dominant, it feels like that leg is doing all of the work.....I was wanting to know if anyone out there knows of any specialist or some who would examine my running, highlight the problem and tell me how to correct.  Would it be a podiatrist/ bio mechanics doctor/physio/running specialist!!!????? I am based in Yorkshire (Sheffield) Any help is appreciated.  Thanks mazz

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