How long did it take to hit your race targets.

I've got a couple of race targets a sub 40 10k and a sub 1:30 half. At the moment I'm at 42:50 and 1:33, been running for 6 months again after a couple of yrs break, age 37 m.


  • I should say you'll get both of them cracked within a year if you put the training in, espcially if you've recently returned to running.

    Though i have found getting the couple of minutes off for a 10k takes a long time to come, and I still haven't managed a sub 90 half, missed out by 9 seconds on one last year!

  • My pbs are 40:44 for 10k and 1:32:30 for the half. Guess what my target times are?

    I set both of them around 10 years ago, and was on and off (mostly off) running until 15 months ago. I restarted running then thinking I have to get under 40 mins for 10k as I had just turned 40.

    I'm still trying. Did a 46 min 10k last New Year, 42 min at Easter (very flat), 41:33 in October and 42:44 at New Year - both the last two were significantly hilly - the New year one was the same as last year.

    I ran a 1:33 half in the summer, that was undulating. I have done a 19:14 5k on the pancake flat Poole parkrun.

    Over the last 15 months I have trained far more consistently than ever before - doing 1570 miles in 2012. I have found that at 40 rather than 30 I've got to work a lot harder to make the improvement. I think the key is to really get my speed sessions sorted, but I do most of my runs at 6 am, and I find it really hard to make myself do speedwork then.

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