Absolutely Gutted

I am trying to lose weight and also do a 10k in May 2013.

I have been eating 1200 to 1500 calories a day, done C25k and on week 3 and going every second day. Even went swimming this morning for 30 mins. My food is mainly rice and fish so a fair bit of protein and carbs.

Since Monday (so 6 days ago) i have put on 1lb in weight.

I feel totally down and feel like why the hell am i bothering.

Anyone any advice please to lift me back up or perhaps point me in the right direction.


  • When did you start your progamme? How certain are you that your calorie calculation is accurate?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Body weight doesn't fall off in a gradual linear fashion. What happens is just what you are experiencing. Keep going the way you are and in a week you will find yourself 5lb's lighter apparently overnight.

    Steps and plateaus.

  • Intermanaut i am using fitness pal to record all my food intake. Hope your right RicF, i feel so down tonight.

  • The way your clothes fit is a better guide John, as you might be building muscle and losing fat.  The same mass of muscle weighs 3 times that of fat so you might not show any actual weight loss to start with.  Keep up the good work!


  • clothes feel much better even after 2 weeks. So hopefully your right teresa image


  • Yeah measure yourself
  • You won't put on that much muscle in three weeks, especially on a starvation diet.

  • Diets fluctuate, all you can do is keep going.  So it hasn't gone down in X days you know your doing the right thing just be patient and stick with it.

    Doing measurements is a good idea, I do them as well as weigh myself, and some weeks you can loose a couple of cm in one area with hardly any weight change.

    Just noticed your a blokey... so 1200-1500 is low.... I'd do more 1500 - 1800 calories.  You need what 2500 is it to stay the same so loosing 500 caories a day should look 1 lb a week.  But if you go to low then your metabolism slows down to compensate, so basically your body hibernates when it does this it needs less food, and so you don't achieve anything.  Try eating a bit more not a lot, but try around 1750 for a week if 1200 continues to not work.  It's amazing how your body works and it's not always eating as little as possible that works.

    I lost a lot last year 5.5 stone in 32 weeks on WeightWatchers, and spent a long time on the forums and there are so many ways to loose weight, and no-one would recommend a woman having only 750 calories a day which is about the equivelent of what you are doing, and you just need to keep going so it doesnt work for a couple of weeks, big deal.  Just keep going, but maybe add a bit more food and see how that goes.


  • How can you say you have put 1lb on?

    My weight has varied by 13lbs in the last 4 days, all perfectly normal.

    As already said, you cant expect a linear reduction in weight based on some notional calorie figure over a week.

    Even if you weighed yourself at the same time of day as a direct comparison your weight can differ by several pounds dependent on what you last ate.

    1000 cals is a measure of energy content not weight - Eat 1000 cals of carbs and then eat 1000 cals of mainly protein and your weight will differ by 2-3 lbs because of water storage.


  • I'm with Teresa, look at how your clothes fit, dont be too fixated on your weight, it will drop off in time.


  • I have weeks where I think I've done really well but put weight on and other weeks surprise me that I have lost quite a bit of weight and I've not eaten as well as I should. Overall though, because I am watching what I eat and doing a fair bit of running, I am losing weight. As others say, how your clothes feel is probably the best indicator and maybe only weigh yourself once a month where, I think, you will see a more accurate reading of how much weight you have lost. 

  • Take a photograph of yourself now, give it threee weeks and do a comparison. If you are still doing the same excercise with sensible eating I am sure you will recognise what you have a achieved image

  • i know you are disappointed but you have only put on 1lb which in the grand scheme of things is not a fat lot.  perhaps you are retaining a bit of water or just need a giant poop!  image

    dont beat yourself up over 1lb - if you feel fitter and your clothes feel looser then you are clearly heading in the right direction.  Keep it up and good luck with the 10k 

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