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  • As far as I can make out, "Beyond the Limitations" is a small company formed by a husband and wife team. He was a very good marathon runner in his day (2:12 IIRC) and has kept very close to marathons, pretty much organising the ultra marathon scene.

    However, he has spent a period of weeks in hospital in the critical period leading up to New Year. If truth be known, they were always pretty poor at communicating to the runners who had entered events. However, they did organise the facilities thoroughly in advance of their events.

    5 years ago a runner died on the Gloucester Marathon. The precautionary provisions, first aid and ambulances were in place to do what could be done. An inquiry afterwards found no fault at all with their organisation. However, this can't do any good for the nerves when a cold and icy event is on the doorstep!

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    I was going to add, that I would still like to get some of my money back, or at the very least be offered entry into an alternative race.

  • Be nice to just know what's going on, surly they know and could have reorganised a date if rearranged? There has been nothing! Disgraceful! Clearly he was better at running them yhan organising them, I had sympathy for them when it was cancelled but now I'm just angry with the whole situation!
  • Well I'm a bit late to this, but I have to say that I agree 100% with those of you that are not happy with BTL. My partner & I both entered, so we're £64 out of pocket I think, and I will take some persuading to have anything to do with this lot ever again. I called the number on the race details yesterday to see if there was any update, and the person that I spoke to (Anne Wilson I think) was fairly evasive. She said that they had not been able to re-arrange, but would be making some concession to those that had entered. She said that they would be posting something on the website in the forthcoming days.... I'm not going to hold my breath, given their previous efforts at communication. If anyone else wants to call to check on the situation, the numbers I have are 01452 722720 and 07979865453. I certainly felt considerably better after giving her the benefit of some feedback.




  • I had another look on their website today and it now says this :

    A note for Gloucester Marathon entrants. Entrants to the 2013 Gloucester marathon 2013 (which was cancelled) will be offered a discount entry to the 2014 Gloucester marathon. 


    Which is not very specific. Will have to think long and hard about giving them any more of my money. I'm not sure I would trust them not to pull another similar stunt.

  • Depends how much it is, clearly there not going to be rearranging it then!

    Only reason I'd go back there is coz it's fairly close or I'd have to travel a much further way, plan to do my 100th at Taunton next year and this is one I need.

    It's just a disgrace that we still haven't heard directly from them!
  • Hmm.  I wonder if BTL are going to consider a 'safer' date, weather-wise for 2014... bit reluctant to take advantage of my discounted entry - good money after bad if it gets cancelled again.

    Mind you, when's safe for the weather these days?  When I was a lad we had proper seasons. Grumble, grumble!

  • Does anyone know what happened to BTL? Their website is down and no Gloucester marathon is listed for 2014...

  • Probably still on a world cruise from the profits from last year

  • Has anyone any information on Beyond the Limitations?  Their website seems to have vanished too.

    Not only did they cancel the Glos marathon (due to the snow) but they also cancelled the Cotswold marathon too.

    Any idea what's happening with these people?


  • Phone numbers listed on an earlier page of this thread. If ANYONE has had any luck in getting a refund on the GLOUCESTER marathon in Jan 2013 (cancelled due to snow) I would really like to know how they did it.I know the other cancellations have been for other (less acceptable) reasons, so they may have had more luck in getting a refund.

    Still hacked off with these jokers 10 months on............ 

  • I e-mailed yesterday and asked for a refund and this is the response I got.

    Sorry no refundds we spent a lot up front and then the weather also very long illness in family

    Thanks Anne

    If they didn't take out insurance against the weather then why should we take the risk. If they were sincere about the race they could have re-scheduled to another weekend.

  • This same company cancelled the Cotswold and the Berkley marathons - not due to bad weather - but due to low numbers.

    No refunds given as far as I'm aware.

  • **2016 update**

    They seem to be back with some races listed for 2017 including the Gloucester Marathon

    I have emailed them and asked for a free place seeing as they cancelled in 2013 for no good reason. I might have to spread the word a bit on facebook in case people have forgotten their reputation.... 

  • Thanks, Ned, please let me know how it goes.

    I only lost one place (the Glos marathon), but a friend of mine lost two places and no refunds were given for either.

  • is this event happening in 2017.

  • thanks for the heads up[  image


  • I've done the Gloucester Marathon a few times in the past (the Winter event).

    I registered to do the marathon in 2013, when it was cancelled.

    I've recieved a couple of emails from the organisers recently offering me a place in the 2017 event at a reduced rate.

    I will probably do it, but I will wait until a bit closer to the race, just in case.

    When I've done the Gloucester Marathon in the past it's been a well organised race, worth doing
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