Getting unfitter with more exercise

Hi, I've got a problem and I don't seam to understand what it is, I thought I would consult you running professionals before seeing my gp. Here's the story so far: I joined the gym over a year ago, and when I first started I went from no exercise at all, I found I could run for about 10 minutes or so and wouldn't find it that hard to exercise etc, my heart rate would stay about average (for people exercising) I go to the gym about 3 times a week now, but I've found I can't run for longer than 2 minutes. As soon as I hit that time I literally can't breathe and have to stop and my heart rate is so high. Since noticing this I've found running up stairs etc seams to send my heart rate up a lot too. I am not overweight or have a bad diet. I've been trying to lose weight so eat healthy etc. it's getting increasingly more difficult to exercise the more I go and I have been able to perform less and less since joining which makes no sense to me ? Surly the more I go the better stamina I build etc. I was just wondering why this is so ? It's making losing weight so difficult and very unenjoyable due to discomfort when I exercise, and I'm talking really out of breath and pains. Thanks image


  • My first thought is that maybe you are trying to run too fast now and therefore struggling to get going....

    if this isn't true then i would go and get checked out by the doctor just to make sure..might be something like asthma or even a heart problem............probably not but best to be safe

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    When you say it's getting increasingly difficult to exercise the more you go, is that just for running or for other exercise also? 

    My first instinct is the same as Seren's - are you pushing yourself more than you were previously? It's easily done without necessarily realising that you're doing it. Are you wearing a heart rate monitor? It may be worth trying to moderate your pace to a predetermined heart rate and seeing how long you can manage. It's difficult to objectively determine pace without some sort of feedback. 

  • Hi, no I'm running slower than previously because It is so hard to do now, it's mostly for running but is starting to effect other exercises such as cycling. I have worn a heart rate monitor last few times of going and found that it reaches about 190, and when I take a break it drops to about 150, it's never below 140, except when I initially start, but it only takes about 20 seconds to rise dramatically.
  • I'm wondering whether you're overdoing the dieting while trying to lose weight; are you sure you're eating enough to have the energy to train?

    And I agree that you should probably go to the doctor anyway; even if nothing's wrong with your health, it's always recommended that you consult a GP before starting a weight-loss/exercise programme, so if you didn't go when you started, better late than never.

  • I consulted the doctor before starting as I can't lose weight due to coming off a hormone injection which literally makes it possible to lose weight, thanks for the advice, I will have to make an appointment to see my gp
  • Definately get checked out and explain what is happening asap regardless of advice on here - you've obviously noticed severe degradation in your fitness and are worried, act on it.  If you check out ok - no harm done.


  • My first thought was that you aren't eating enough for the increased exercise levels, but I agree with the others that you need to see your gp

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