Snow/ Ice best shoes Trail or spikes?

I have deiced to get a pair of shoes for the few days of snow we get every year but what? My everyday (only running shoes) are a pair of Nike Free 3, so I'm thinking some cross country spikes might be a good idea as they will still be quite minimulist, but I see Nike do some Flex trail shoes which I guess will be flexable like the frees so offer me the foot movement freedom I'm used to?

The Flex trails, might get a bit more use then the XC spikes, as they could be used more when the snow/ ice starts to melt but the spikes would probably offer better grip? 

The areas I run snow gets compressed quickly 


  • I've moved to minimals- New Balance MT10SV (trails) and have been fantastic.
  • Orienteering shoes are superb in snow/icy conditions, those little dob spikes give great grip on icy surfaces..

  • Fell shoes have been pretty minimalist years before Nike et al jumped onteh band wagon and I think there's quite a few that will be far lighter and far less supported than your Nike Free's.


    Funnily enough, I have an 8 mile old pair of Inov8 bear grips that are just a little to tight for me.  Size 10.5 if you are interested.  Absolutly superb in snow, ice or gloop.

  • Inov-8 Baregrip 200 are really grippy and very minimal.

    I don't use my cross country spikes anymore as they are too firm and don't let my foot flex and move.


  • I ran home from work lsat night (leaving circa 22:15) in my Mizuno Wave-Harriers (which were my first purchase as fell-shoes)

    They worked superbly in the freshly fallen (& indeed, falling) snow, with perhaps 4" on the ground.

    I usually prefer my various Inov-8's (Roc-Lite, Mud-Claw & OROC), but they're a bit 'slow'/'clumpy' on dry tarmac - sa it wsa for the run to work, barring the patches of forzen snow

  • There's a bit of a debate about them on the FRA forums at the minutes, & there's a lot of postings about Scandinavian Orienteering shoes

    The ones I looked at (as a result of the thread) are dear, & would be no good at all on tarmac. but they do look the biz!!!


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