Hello, just wondering if anyone else has Raynaud's syndrome/phenomenon & is there any medication which helps treat it? I'm getting it every day now, even when wearing thick socks & gloves. Usually disappears come the warmer weather in April.

Not being diagnosed yet but get all the classic signs - bright white fingers & toes when exposed to cold, which later turn blue/puple then bright red, often very painful and feel a 'pins & needles' type sensation. This part doesnt really affect me too much - but it's the chilblains which are a problem. Have done everything I can to avoid them this year...but they are back again & I'm finding it difficult to concentrate & as they are on the balls of my toes, running is painful .

So...to any other sufferers - how do you cope? & have you been given any medication to treat it? (I'm thinking of going to the docs this week as the chilblains are unbearable) image



  • Hi Life's Too Short - I'm a Reynaulds suffer so I can sympathise. I was diagnosed 4 years ago ( after having symptoms for years before) and prescribed Nifedipin (may have spelt that wrong!) which I take as and when I need to. I have found that it really helps ease things. In this weather I always wear two pairs of socks and a decent pair of gloves image.

  • Yes, I sympathise with both of you. I suffer from Raynauds, as does my Mum. You can help yourself by not smoking, and exercising regularly. You may find that once you have warmed up your feet/hands suddenly become OK again, as after the warm up your peripheral circulation opens up to allow blood back into your extremeties. If this is the case how about warming up inside before going out in the cold? Otherwise make sure you wear two pairs of socks. If damp sets your raynauds off try some of the waterproof socks out. I find two pairs of gloves help. Wear a thin pair of cheap fits all sizes underneath ski gloves. Good luck-at least it shouldn't kill you!

  • I used to have Raynaud's but it pretty much disappeared when I got pregnant. Not a reason to get up the duff but having three kids did seem to improve my circulation.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    have you looked on Raynaulds association website? there is lots of advice re diet etc which you may find helpful.

  • I have Raynauds.  I think the worst thing about it is trying to explain that no, I'm really not a walking corpse and no, I really don't have frostbite.

    However.  Nifedipine is pretty effective, but can cause really swollen ankles (and legs and hands) - I can't run if I'm taking it because my feet get injured really easily when they're that big .  It's more of a last resort with me.

    tbh my hands are usually fine on a run, as the exercise actually gets my circulation going.  Find out what triggers it most (wind is worst for me) and get clothes that will protect your hands against that.

  • Hello! I suffer with Raynauds syndrom but have not been on medication for it, it was suggested but I'd rather not.

    What kind of gloves have you been wearing, becuase I find that even if I were to wear 5 layers of gloves it wouldn't help one bit and I'd still get painful fingers, even ski gloves don't work! The solution I found, is to wear mittens, as this provides a 'den' for all fingers which help eachother keep warm.

    Also you can buy some hand warmers and theres also 'special' gloves with silver lining I think, something along the context with 'silver' in. Not quite sure though as have never tried this option.
  • Mittens are definitely warmer than gloves.

    When it's snowy and I'm out on my bike my hands are toasty in even a cheap pair of golf mittens from Aldi.
  • I do too, recently diagnosed but had worsening symptoms for about 5 years. My GP offered me medication, but I am not taking it due to potential side effects.

    I'm still learning how to get warm, keep warm and most importantly how to prevent the dead fingers & toes! Lots of layers, not just socks & gloves, but to make sure your whole body is warm!
  • Only thing that works quickly and effectively on Raynauds in your hands for me once it sets in is arm windmills and send the blood down with centrifugal force. May look silly but it works.

    As for gloves, I use Altura cycling windproof gloves. Tried loads but they seem the best. About a score from Evans or similar. All these wooly ones from running shops are crap.

    Nifedipine worked but gives me headache.

    Toes are tougher. Once numb, I find about 5K flat out just about does it, but if you have blistered whilst numb, you don't half know about it when the feeling comes back.

  • I wasn't aware there was even treatments for it, some interesting stuff above.

    Personally it doesn't seem to affect me much when running, but it can get pretty uncomfortable when I'm on the bike.  I wear 2 pairs of gloves on the bike but find it tends to build up to a peak irritation for the first 45/60 mins regardless then seems to sort itself out and go away anyway.

  • I have this...my hands and feet are awful sometimes image I wasn't aware of there being any proper treatments for it though. Running is difficult, I try to layer up as much as I can and still find it doesn't help!

  • Thank you for all the replies & some very useful information, especially in regards to potential side effects of the medication.

    Hopefully the worst of the cold weather has passed & it will improve. My feet are the worst - I've got about 3-4 chilblains on both feet. The combination of damp & cold triggers it. It's hard trying to concentrate in work due to the itching / burning. I find airing my feet helps, but I do get some funny looks!


    Have phoned my GP for an appointment to discuss possible medication & they cant fit me in for another 5 weeks....by which time it will probably have cleared up!


    Thank you again for all the responses/information...in the meantime I'm going to try & avoid running in cold & wet weather for a few days.... if that's possible living in south wales!

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