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2013 Race

Is it likely that it is cancelled entirely or will it be that they fix a new date shortly ?


  • The following notice has been published in the news section of their website;

    Due to the adverse weather conditions we had to make the decision to cancel Sundays race and unfortunately it will not be possible to reschedule to another date
    A further notice will be published shortly  

    I'm guessing it is now a logistical nightmare for them to now refund the 700+ entrants what with the various ways in which you were able to pay.

  • Is there anyone reading this forum that entered and received the latest email, if not here it is below. I personally find this unacceptable and would like to here other peoples views.

    Can I start by saying a big thank you for your understanding of our decision to cancel the NTRIX. No one turned up on Sunday so we appear to have got the communication right. Hopefully this was a one off and we will have better weather next year. 
    We have now had the opportunity to take a step back and assess the position and consider what options are available to us.
    Unfortunately we are not able to reschedule the race and having reviewed the expenses necessarily incurred we cannot provide a partial refund for logistical purposes.
    However, we have come up with a number of options which I hope you will appreciate
    1) This year we ordered a Technical T shirt for every runner. (Sizes S / M / L / XL) We hope that these will still be useful training tops and we would like you all to have one.
          Our Sponsors SimplyRun will help facilitate the distribution process and T Shirts can be collected from their shop
           Unit 22 The Waterways, Off Birmingham Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 0AW Tel No 0845 257 0441
    A number of clubs had multiple members who had entered and if anybody is able to collect T Shirts on behalf of their fellow club members that would be great (or we could possibly try to arrange a delivery at a future event where both clubs are competing)
    2) SimplyRun will also offer a 10% discount off purchases either from their shop or online by quoting voucher ref NTRIX13 - voucher valid until 28th February. (If you want a race T Shirt sent with your order please call SimplyRun and they will add it to your package)
    3) Anybody entering one of our other races during the next 12 months will be entitled to a discount of £3 off their entry.
    There are 4 races to choose from
    a) Aquathlon in March (see website for details)
    b) Stratford Summer 6  in July                                                                 
    c) Welcombe XC (5K or 10K options) in Oct                                               
    4) We will also make a charity donation to Shakespeare Hospice who are our local charity partners
    i) It may take a couple of days for the T shirts to be transferred to the SimplyRun shop
    ii) We will have to make changes to our website to allow the discount to be allowed for online entries (This may not be available immediately for the Aquathlon in which case we will arrange discounts / refunds at race registration)
    iii) In the last few days I have received a number of e mails on various race related matters. You will receive a separate reply in the next few days only if I consider your query has not been answered by this e mail.
    Thank you for your support of races hosted by Stratford upon Avon AC
    Tony Jackson
    Race Director - NTRIX

  • I was not happy with the e mail. I understand that costs would have been incurred but not the full amount that would have been paid. Yes you can go and pick up a t shirt from somewhere in Stratford but no use to me as I live nowhere near there. An offer to post them out would have been nice and a ??3 discount off another race is minimal. Not sure why they could not reschedule it as that would have been the best solution
  • You have obviously never tried to reschedule a race then.....

  • Do enlighten us then Dave if you have such insight! The reschedule question doesn't arise if you get an explanation. I can appreciate there is a logistical nightmare with refunds but to not even offer to post the t-shirt is a bit cheeky, cost me £10 in petrol just to get the t-shirt. £3 discount off a race, as I am unhappy with the way this race has been dealt with I shall not be trying my luck again, half the race fee might encourage me but £3 is a laugh. The 10% discount is goodwill from the sponsors at no cost to the club. As for the charity donation, whilst not a charity of choice it is the chosen charity so I will be expecting to hear how much they do donate. What mainly aggrieves me is that what is being offered involves further expenditure on my part.

  • Other races in the area, time keepers being at other events, permission to use the roads at a different time, the availability of the organising team, availability of the club house and car parking

    The fact everyone is a volunteer. Just man up and get over the fact it was cancelled
  • the majority of races have it in the terms that it is non refundable..........for those who are moaning....until they cancelled it can you honestly say you were going to travel through the snow and would have been happy to line up at the start and race........

    they do not need to offer you anything at all..............they have tried to offer a few alternatives for those who want to take them up.....

     If you don't like the way races are organised then try it yourself...or worried about the losses you might occur.take out insurance to cover yourself......

     Its only a race.....


  • You have also assumed that everyone wants the race rescheduled.... My race last Sunday lost out to the weather, but with my training plans and racing I couldn't fit it in til August so much as I missed doing it, happy to be back next year
  • Of course I didn't expect the race to go ahead & I didn't expect them to reschedule but I'm just surprised that the entrants take the full financial loss & the club takes non. Even if they gave the option for you to send an SAE for the t-shirt I would be slightly happier as we don't all live a short drive from Stratford.
  • You accepted the T's&C's. and I doubt the club could survive the financial loss, whereas it cost you a tenner or so.....
  • free roll over entry to next yrs race at the very least...meanwhile wheres all the entry fee money going to whos account is it resting in +interest

  • Just wondering if 'Dave the Ex-Spartan' is the one who has made a serious amount of money out of this? NO refunds and only a £3 discount off another race this year. Like the other said a long drive to collect a T-shirt for a race that didn't happen.

  • B.P.Bethan wrote (see)

    Just wondering if 'Dave the Ex-Spartan' is the one who has made a serious amount of money out of this? NO refunds and only a £3 discount off another race this year. Like the other said a long drive to collect a T-shirt for a race that didn't happen.

    You wish to drop me an email so my solicitor can be in contact ?

  • I'm still waiting for Bethan's apology

  • Afternoon, sincere apologies if I have offended you. As this is the first time I have had a race cancelled this way I was shocked at the email to say the least. Maybe this is common, I don't know.  Do you not think that it's a little unreasonable not to roll it over to next years race?

  • Thank you, yes sadly it is generally the way

    I don't know about Stratford AC I live 150 miles a way, but few clubs would be able to stand the upfront cost of organising a race if they had to hand back all the entry fee.

    And as for rolling it over, how would the costs for next years race be covered ?

    Don't forget clubs are run by volunteers and have no income other than race entry fees.
  • Well, I can only talk about the club I know about, there is an annual cost to join which more than covers any races we put on. There is a surplus of cash in the account that is there without anyone using it. They were still taking entry fees in the week leading upto the event. Just seems like most things pay up front any problem is your own.

  • It was hardly a fortune tho was it ?
  • £15 or £13, so not cheap and I don't like throwing money away.


  • I'm sure you wont starve

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