Shin pressure

I know that its difficult to diagnose through a forum, but I am trying to work out how serious pressure in my shins is likely to be.

Between 2006 and 2009 I regularly suffered from shin splints that I was unable to get rid of, regardless of how much RICE I applied to them.

In 2009 I snapped my leg and had to have reconstructive surgery on my ankle.

Its taken a while to get back to any kind of running form, but I can now comfortably run half marathons without ankle/leg/shin problems.

This week I ran two 10ks and since then I can feel a sort of pressure or ache in my lower left shin. Having had shin splints it doesn't feel like that, and it doesn't hurt. Having taken so long to return to running I don't want to ruin my momentum by taking time off to rest it, but equally, I don't want to compound a problem if there is one and spend even longer side lined.

Is a pressure in the shin something to worry about or can it be run through?




  • is this the side you had surgery on? there are a few possible causes for it, but mainly it boils down to two factors. 1) the mobility of your ankle i.e. the amount of dorsiflexion, and 2) your technique. Reduced range of motion on the ankle and the foot will cause the muscles to work harder than they are required (hence the one sided problem) and any history of previous injury will have caused changes to your technique and muscle activation patters. This means that you need to start increasing your flexibility and range of motion and sort out your technique. Personally, I get my chiropractor to loosen up my ankles and feet regularly and then I maintain them with regular stretching.

    So to sum it up - if you are worried about it, visit a sports chiropractor and they can help you out. If you feel that you can run through it check out running tutorials and drills on youtube...

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