Wilmslow 1/2 Marathon 2013

I have signed up to run my 2nd ever 1/2 marathon - Wilmslow. My previous one was the Macclesfield 13.1m in September last year which I finished in 1hr40m21. It was extremely hilly with two large and long climbs. So, for a first timer I was fairly happy.

I am hoping to beat my time by a few mins seeing how this course is a lot flatter. I've been to the website and watched the 10minute film of the course but I was wondering if anyone had any tipsadvice regarding training or the actual race?

At Macclefield I got stuck behind a large number of people at the start who slowed me down.....so I want to pick up some tips and avoid stuff like that happening again!


  • "At Macclesfield I got stuck behind a large number of people at the start who slowed me down.....so I want to pick up some tips and avoid stuff like that happening again!"

    So you've gone from a half with a thousand entries to one with five thousand?image

    Hard to give advice on training if we don't know what you're doing now or what you did for the last one. And given you're as fast as me I probably wouldn't have too much to add...

  • That was helpful! Heh! Heh!

    What I meant was...I positioned myself towards the back at the last one and we had to do 2 laps of a track so I was kind of stuck back there until we got onto the roads. I'll make sure I am positioned towards the front of the pack next time so I can proceed at my own pace.

    At present I am doing a long run on Sundays (12 miles), Tuesday (3 miles at speed) Thursday (3 miles at speed) and then a Park Run 5k on Saturdays.

    I guess I should look into doing some "Interval" training - quick bursts aswell as a weekly long run.

  • The start at Wilmslow can be a little congested, but nothing out of the ordinary. Once out of the side road, and onto the main road (maybe 200 yards in), you'll be fine. It is a flat, fast course, but there is a little incline towards the end that can bite you!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    be careful not to put yourself to far near the front as you will get shoved and pushed or worse still you go off at to quick a pace and fade badly at mile 10.   You wont be on your own pace if you start at the front at wilmslow the calibre of runner is much higher a 1.40 gets you about 700th position whereas i bet it was much higher at macc.  you dont want 700 runners coming past you!image

    as dan says wilmslow has lots of space so you wont get boxed in if you start at the right place. 

    Good luck, and yes more intervals are needed but make sure you are doing the training at the right paces.  eg Easy, slow or steady.  If unsure use mcmillan pace calculator to help

  • Great - thanks Dan & Dean! Really appreciate the information. It really helps!


  • I'm not convinced your training program is ideal. Slow down the2 3mile runs to easy ones, and introduce a tempo run or speedwork or both. But make sure you're running enough easy miles.

    Check out the first three posts here.

  • Well...... I took 8 mins off my previous PB and finished in 1hr 32m 45! I was made up with the time - especially when you take the conditions into consideration. How cold was it....especially on that 2 mile climb at the end?

    I positioned myself between the 1hr 20 and 1hr 40 starters which turned out to be spot on! Lace on left shoe came undone at mile 1!! But I was never going to stop!

    I really enjoyed it though and have to say a big thanks to everyone who marshalled and supported the runners. Its a great idea to have your name on your number because random encouraging shouts are really encouraging!

    I was sore today but back into training tomorrow and then the Salford 10k on Friday!

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