VLM Training and the snow!!

Week 2 of snow and it is seriously upsetting our training plan! First marathon and getting worried we are behind schedule!! Lucky to secure a charity space through Leukaemia & Lymphoma research for myself and my friend Supposed to do long runs of 9 miles last week and due to do 10 this week but can only manage 5 miles on the treadmill as its sooooo boring! What does everyone else do to keep up the mileage when it snows?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    The treadmill is the obvious choice.  Alternatively, is there somewhere thats not covered in snow (e.g. pedestrian area in the town centre) where you could run multiple laps?


  • I just went out and ran in it. You cant go fast but its possible.


  • is there a council run park nearby?...maybe theyve gritted that?

    no fun in the snow and ice..don't risk it. stay safe..hope you find somewhere. image 

  • Just come back from 12 laps of local sports field, had to slither along sheet ice to get there, but it meant I did 6m.... Not quite as boring as the treadmill, but nearly!!
  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Just go out and run in it is the easiest solution.

  • Too scared to risk running outside as wouldn't want to get injured!!! We have very thick snow at the mo so it's gonna take a while to go. Hoping by the end of the week the paths might be clearer. Also worried we are behind on our training plan - how are you all doing?????
  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Very thick means soft... easy on the legs. Training in the snow is good fun, less silly excuses, more training image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    as WiB said, thick snow is good,  its the thin layer of snow over black ice thats lethal.

    Running on soft snow is a nice experience - it does sap your energy (its kinda lile running on  hard-packed sand) so you may not be able to go as far and/or as fast.

  • Take music or download a podcast to listen to on the treadmill, it makes the time pass quite quickly. I did 18m yesterday on TM - not as fun as outside but given the state of the pavements near me, I didn't fancy my chances.
  • new thick snow is the best type to run in.its the ice where you have to slow down and shorten your stride......

     the world is so beautiful in the snow that it makes it a joy to run in

  • Unless you fancy using them at other times of the year this idea is to expensive to think about but a decent pair of fell shoe's can handle snow without any problems. Ice it's a bit more trickly and best judment needed.

    You could get in the pool or take in a spinning class as well as the treadmill if your bored of it through. Good cross training. I know of a mate who use's the local shopping centre when it's snowing and scares the shopper's by doing running lap's on the concurse.

  • Really enjoyed my first run in snow today, can anyone recomend some trail shoes that would give better grip in snow than road shoes? Run in asics gel 2160/new2000,thanks.
  • I'm training for Edinburgh Marathon and so I only start my training properly this week. I had a really great, steady 6 mile run in the snow at the weekend.

    Hi AnnieSophie - I run in Asics 2170 road shoes but after several muddy cross country and trail runs I decided to try some trail shoes. They are New Balance WT710 and they are currently on sale at Sweatshop for ??50. I've put an insole in them as they feel a much harder landing than my road shoes but I think all trail shoes are like that.

    The guy in the shop said that trail shoes tend to be neutral so if I felt a needed more of a stability shoe after trying them out I would be advised to get an orthotic. I tried them for the first time at the weekend in the snow and so far so good!
  • Friend uses yaktrax, he swears by them and is out running no matter how bad the snow is. You just put them over your trainers and they give you extra grip. Google them, might be worth a try.

    I just tend to run on the road edge, roads are generally gritted often but obviously be very careful, the roads around me aren't particularly busy especially on Sunday morning when doing my long run.

    Enjoy and stay safe!
  • Thanks for advice...

    LMB ...will look at sweatshop, sounds a good offer!

    BE .... Have thought of yaktrax but some folk have posted that they don't last that long, so thought trail shoes might be better?
  • well the ice has arrived here...image ill be cross training on the excersice bike this week and also getting a swimming session in.

    Off to sunny old brid at weekend..so maybe a nice run on the sand image

  • I've been loving running in the snow - it's not such good fun when it got slushy and is more difficult now everything's turning to ice but give it a try.

    It's a really good workout - burning lots more calories than normal. I did 9.5miles on Saturday and it felt more like I'd done 12+.

    My advice - get out and enjoy the beauty of snow covered fields, trees and houses and wear trail shoes. I swear by Saucony Xodus - lightweight and proving to have really good grip in the snow.

  • Only a 5k but had a lovely run in the snow this morning! Wore trail shoes. Bought a pair 3 years ago only use them when there is snow. Got them in Soccer Sports for about £30.00 they owe me nothing. I think they are the same ones that LMB has.

  • Did a 13 mile LSR last night, partly on the road but mostly on paths. I just wore my ordinary runners (although I do have trail shoes) and it was fine, albeit slower than usual.

  • Is there anywhere off road you can go?  Footpaths/bridleways?  These tend to be fine in the snow and have less slippery surfaces underneath.

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