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I'm on a wrok trip to Sao Paulo in March and would like to continue my training out there - does anyone know of a running club in the city that would allow guest, english speaking runners to join in? 

Also, does anyone know of 'local' running stores in the city?

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  • Hi Melv

    I lived in "Sampa" for 3 years, including whilst I was training for the Buenos Aires marathon. It's not a very easy place to run I'm afraid. It's a pretty difficult place to walk around so trying to move at pace is tricky. I ended up doing 6km laps of parque ibirapuera and it drove me nuts after a while. It was only after I moved back to Hampshire that I recovered my desire to get back running after that.

    On Sunday mornings they turn some of the roads into traffic free bike/jog lanes so that is a better opportunity to run somewhere different, but even then watch out for the bikes cos the brazilians ride the same as they drive ie: every man for himself.

    They have a lot of 10k races etc around the city and that can be a good bet for avoiding the traffic. I think the details from memory are on the RW brazil site but you may need to navigate it in Portuguese.

    If you can get out of town to the coast drive down to Camburi or Maresias for some amazing beach running opportunities.

    I didn't find a decent running club (English speaking or otherwise) whilst I was there. The ex-pat population has exploded since I came back so things have maybe changed. I will try to find out for you.

    Running shops tend to be limited to the big chains and a few other places you can find just by wandering around Jardins for a bit. Bear in mind that all imported goods are horrendously expensive so take your runners with you unless you wanna spend ??200 on a basic pair of asics etc

    Oh and gym membership will cost a small fortune.

    Other than that, it's a brilliant place so enjoy.
  • Many thanks Sebastian80!

    10k race would be nice to get a flavour of the city! I was also thinking that park runs could be the best option as I understand the streets are pretty crowded and congested - nice tip for Sunday morning!

    I was looking at 'local' running shops as I thought they would have organised runs and/or a regular running group that I could jump in on... saying that though the beach alternatives to the city sound very appealing!

    Will look into the RW site also.

    Thanks again - great help!!

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