Reccuring Ankle Pain

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to running and completely new to the forum.

Basically, I've been on and off since August last year, but as soon as I got to around 6k my ankles started to hurt. I tried to push through the injury, making it worse.

After a 14 week rest, I started up again, slowly working towards 6/7k before getting the injury again.

This time I took a rest, got a gate analysis and bought some proper running shoes.

My gate analysis showed that I had an over pronation, so I got some supportive Brooks GTS 12.

Now, back on the running, I am managing more than ever, getting to 8/9k.

BUT! Following yesterday's 8k, my left ankle is hurting a little. It feels like the start of what happened before...

I've got an appointment with a specialist in February, but I was hoping to gather knowledge from others who may have experienced this or similar.

Will digesting more protein and calcium help strengthen my bones and muscles in that area? Will that work at all?

I don't know what I am supposed to do, without quitting the hobby - which I definitely do not want!

Any help would be excellent!



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