10k or 1/2M

just started running , i'm not including Xcountry for my school team as i was some 20 years younger lol. i can run 5k in 31 mins, quite pleased after 2 weeks into jan. i am generally fit and healthy , eat well, cycle and walk alot, BMI is 21. i really want to do 1/2 marathon but its in march and not sure enough time to train well for it, i don't want super speedy time but also not too slow. i am am jogging 5k 3 times a week and doing a longer run, i managed 8.5 in 60 mins. my plan is to increase my time of longer run by 15 mins each week rather than focus on a distance ,  worked out distance after i ran it, but it was more of a jogging pace i guess. 

is it better to aim for 10 k first then 1/2 maybe in autumn? 

any opinions/ help appreciated x


  • Why not do both?

    I seen your other post about work and running schedule, I'm very similar to u as I work 12 hour shifts nights/ days so can't run to a strick weekly pattern. But you have enough time to up your mileage to do a half in March if you can get out regularly! Why not plan a 10k in for Feb and use it in your training plan on your way to half marathon distance? Which half marathon are you planning?

    Good luck
  • milton keynes half, the 10k is the same day, theres a 5k, 10k and the half, 

    i could find a 10k sooner , i was worried doing to much early on, i have already hurt my foot (very minor) prob a mix of lots of running and running cautiously on the snow, its not too bad after 2 days rest 


    work is a bit of pest with schedules, feb i am all long days , which is annoying but i do get 2-3 days off in between them which could work out better then when i do my 5 day short weeks or nights 


    thanks for reply 


  • Ah so your looking at the 10k or half on the same day, I understand! Tough one then, I'd still say you could be ready to run the half but if your in no rush I'd personally do the 10k then look for another half later in the year! I've got 2 half marathons booked in this year can't wait image as I too am quite new to running!
  • You say you really want to do a half marathon. Why? Is it because you feel you've done the training to do it justice, or because it will help you in the build up to another target, or just so you can walk around saying "I've run a half marathon!"?

    Why not enjoy the journey, focus on getting some miles in the bank, watch your 5k and 10k times come down, and step up to 13.1 miles when it feels like a comfortable thing to do, not a thing that you have to ask for advice on.


  • I eventually want to do a marathon , that's next years goal , I like long distance events , I do cycling events , London to Southend, London to Brighton , the womens cycletta 40k etc ,

    ideally the marathon is my goal , I was dead set on the half until I read more about training and thought maybe I was being ambitious,

    I will see how I go during feb then sign up for something to challenge myself

    if I don't have something to focus on I get bored easily ,

    am doing beds cycletta and ldn 2 Brighton again this year too

    cycling is much easier than running

    but enjoying new challenges
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