how flexible can a good plan be?

loads of training plans out there, but my lfestyle doesn't fit a nice pattern, i can't even guarantee the same day a week to do a long run due to my shifts

i work dyas and nights,  7-3, 9-5, 1-9.30, 9pm - 7am , or my worst shift is long day 7 am to 9.30 pm, anyway , you get the idea , long days means no running at all, 

i am currently doing long runs on thurs eves, as weekends are usually at work , and i try to do parkrun on sat morning, 

how do you all manage your training  when you have to juggle work rotas, and a new job isn't an option xx 


  • If i need to i just move stuff around
    I think that the main thing is that a week should include a tempo run, some interval work , and a long slow run or easy run as a minimum. (i am sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong!) the difficult stuff (tempo and intervals) shouldnt be next to each other.(dont know how many days your training has?)

    apart from that, i think its ok to move the days around

  • It's 5 days but 2 are non running activities like cycling/swimming or long walks , 2 Shorter runs and a long one . It's for beginers so doesn't include anything too complicated , I will attempt intervals etc when I haves good 6 weeks basic stuff done , and the snow has thawed

    I guess with busy work rota may take me longer as some days I can't train as am either working 13.5 hours or on call image
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